2020 Winter Warrior 100 Day Paddle Challenge from Paddle Monster

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the first 100 Day Paddle Challenge of 2020!

Before we introduce our first challenge for 2020, we’d like to take a minute to congratulate everyone on what they accomplished in 2019.  Your commitment to paddling and the posts that document that commitment continue to inspire us.  It’s truly remarkable what you accomplish on the water and there is nothing better than knowing that there are so many people that have a love of paddling in common.

Please help us celebrate what we accomplished in 2019 by doing the following:

1.  Post and share your mileage total for 2019

2.  Post a photo and description of your favorite paddling moment for 2019

We’re looking forward to hearing from everybody!


Our first challenge for 2020 is the Winter Warrior Challenge.  We all know that paddling in the winter presents significant challenges for those in northern climates with harsher winters.  Paddling in sub freezing temperatures takes a different breed, people who can truly be described as warriors.  But even those living in warmer climates face conditions and circumstances that make their paddling more challenging than in summer months.
Whether it is shorter daylight hours, cooler, more unpredictable weather or stronger winds, paddling in the winter months presents challenges that we don’t normally face in the summer.  Paddling consistently, day in and day out, takes a real commitment and whether you paddle in Florida or Wisconsin you’re a warrior if you’re on the water regularly.  We’re challenging you to pile up the mileage as much as you can by getting out paddling despite these challenges, sharing your experiences with the group as you do.
For those who are frozen off the water for most of the winter we don’t want you to feel left out.  If you’re living in a place where the lakes and rivers are frozen solid and the daytime highs are well below freezing you’re a warrior too, even if you can’t paddle.  Your task for this challenge is to get outside and be active this winter.  Choose outdoor activities that support your paddling by developing your aerobic fitness and share them with us.  Even if you’re not on the water everyone will be interested to hear about your skiing, snowshoeing or winter run.  As much as you can, opt for activities that get you off of the cardio equipment and out of the gym and instead see you out in the snow.  You don’t have to be paddling to be a winter warrior!

It’s important to us that everyone be included in this challenge, no matter where they live.  Recognizing those that make the effort to get outside, no matter the weather, to do activity that develops the fitness needed for paddling accomplishes that.  So please, share your story with everyone even if you’re frozen off the water.
This challenge runs from January 1 to April 9.  Even though we’ll eventually all be “Spring Warriors” near the end of the challenge, there’s plenty of winter ahead.
 Embrace it and don’t let winter slow you down.  Whether you’re able to paddle or not, there’s plenty of outdoor winter fun ahead and activity that can qualify you as a Winter Warrior!
All the best to all of you, and your families, for 2020!
The Paddle Monster Team

About the Paddle Monster 100 Challenge

The Paddle Monster 100-day paddle challenge is a group of paddlers from all over the world, on all crafts who share, inspire, celebrate and support each other as they paddle in three 100-day paddle challenges. Each challenge is unique. We only include paddling people who request to enter, who paddle, who paddle, who also paddle, and who don’t have dry timelines. Paddling must be a central element of their being.