By the end of next week, there’ll be at least 5 Ron House race boards here in NC. I have a 14′ coming. It should ship today. There’s a 12’6″ carbon race board on its way and possibly a second 12’6″This is just another step along the specialization trend. In the beginning, people get an all-around board they can surf. Then, they get into racing and get a race board they can take out in flat water and downwinders. Then, they get a specific flat-water race board. Then their wives divorce them and take the house and kids and they’re left with their boards, happy and tired from a good session.

Ron’s a super guy and an icon. If you don’t know him or his boards, check out:

or this article in East Coast Paddle Surfing

This is the board I bought from Jeremy Riggs (thank you!):

Note: I’ve put carbon on the rails and added a layer of 4S to make it more durable (photos to come). I’m a klutz and break everything. It was necessary.

It’s going to be super interesting to see where this goes. The accelerated fragmentation and specialization of the SUP world is inevitable. One board can not be all things to all people. And the industry is moving so quickly, the designs we see this winter won’t look like the ones we’re riding in a year. That’s why so many shapers are hesitating before going into production models. The technology and designs are moving so quickly that by the time they have a template in place, the designs have evolved.

Then you have differences in conditions. Gary Wise was riding a Mark Raaphorst F-14 designed specifically for the East Coast, smaller troughs, choppier conditions than HA. It’s moving so quickly.

Back to the post: It’s very cool to see Ron breaking in here. Great guy with a ton of knowledge. Watching all this happen has been awesome. I love to see the new designs. Email me photos. Post them on the site. Whatever works. Thanks Ron!