This is from our buddies at Stand Up Paddle Annapolis:

Hey guys, thanks to everybody who came out. The KIOCC put on a great event as usual, if you ever want to try outrigger in the area this is the place to do it.

We want to to give a special thanks to Neil Macindoe for putting on the SUP portion of the event, we also want to thank Bill Gassett for driving 4 hours to participate in the race (Bill’s race in VB in OCT, gotta get a big sup Annapolis crew to head down and return the positive sup vibes). Thanks to Cheryl Norcross for coming all the way from DC and anybody else who drove a decent way, it means a lot and is great for the growth of the sport. Also want to say well done to Steve Deiter for beasting and staying close to Bill and Neil, that is not easy to do. And of course we have to give a big shout out to Hanna Lewis for pushing her daddy to a first place finish in the tandem class. And of course big thanks again to all the Sup Annapolis riders for coming out rocking the orange!!! New line of apparel coming out for you guys and its gonna be SICK..

Results are Below.


Bill Gassett 14′: 39:25

Neil Macindoe 14′: 40:25

Steve Deiter 12’6: 41:05

Ben Butterwei 12’6: 45:20

Jamie Butcher 12’6: 46:01

Mark Saunders 12’6: 46:30

MEN’S SURF Class: 12′ and under

Josiah Wolf: 49:43

Chris Sperry: 50:33

Mike Christman: 50:45

Shane Clark: 56:31

Nick Lutzio: 56:49

Andrew Miller: 57:18

Peter Davies: 59:55

Alex Westholm: 1:08:33

Andrew Merga: 1:09:42

WOMEN’S SURF Class: 12′ and under

Kate Dowling: 55:41

Lisa Gutierrez: 1:02:11

Susan Pawlikowski: 1:05:03

Cheryl Norcross: 1:05:27

Joy Hargraves: 1:06:42

Margie Bennington: 1:19:18


Brad Lewis/ Hannah Lewis 14′: 48:57

Here is some video of the race, big thanks to Cliff Edwards for taking the video. If you are not in it blame cliff its all the footage we had haha just joking Cliff thanks for the help but you are racing next time.

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via Stand Up Paddle Annapolis.