The Yolo Yak could quite possibly be the toughest SUP on Earth. It’s heavy duty, made of roto-molded polyethelene. It’s a beast. It is hard to paddle in strong currents and wind, but super stable. You can fit 5 kids on this thing as a floating dock. It can handle all your gear. It is a cruising, fishing machine.You can drag it down to bank, on the dock, hit cleats and pilings and never think twice. You can even leave it in the sun. It’ll expand, but you vent it and it’ll return to its original shape.

There are also places to lock it on your dock with a bike lock. This is the perfect rental fleet board as there’s no one on Earth who can break it, it’s as stable as a dock and  it can accomodate someone up to 300 pounds. AND, it’s inexpensive. At $695 retail, it’s a fish craft carrier worth grabbing. The drawback is that it’s almost 60 pounds, so it’s not a board you’ll throw on the roof of your car and go paddle. It’ll take 2 people to put it on a rack and dragging it from the front or back handles is best with a person on each end. It’s not something you’d take into or through surf. That’s just a heads-up. It’s best for a lake or calm waterways when you’re not in a hurry. THis is not a training board. This is not a surf board. It’s a cruising, fishing beast.

For fishing it’s awesome because rod holders fit in there perfectly. You can order them with your board.



  • LENGTH: 11’10”
  • WIDTH: 33”
  • HEIGHT: 13”
  • WEIGHT: 58 lbs
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White

Here is the description from the Yoloboard site:

The YOLO Angler Yak is a full adventure board that combines the elements of a paddleboard with the durability of a kayak and comes equipped with a removable flush mount rod holder and cup holders. Produced using the best marine technology available, the Angler Yak is made of roto-molded polyethelene (just like your favorite sit-atop kayak) and is the most durable multi-use stand up paddleboard on the market, even tough enough for outdoor storage. Designed with a recessed deck to provide additional stability for fishing or any other flatwater pursuit, the Angler Yak is a favorite of families and rental and resort businesses due to its sturdiness and ease of use. Features include a front bungee tie down system, molded-in keel system, foam traction pad, leash grommet and plug, and both front and rear handles. Weight Limit 320 lbs.

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