The Transition Week

The new site includes the new structure and new forum. There are a ton of posts, videos and galleries still populating from the old site. Hundreds of indexed videos, posts, galleries, etc. will all be indexed and searchable in the next week. Bear with me.

New Forums

The forums are moderated with help from people who know. For example, 2011 WPA World Champion Chase Kosterlitz is helping moderate the race section. Whitewater badasses Mike Tavares, Ben Friberg and Dan Gavere is helping moderate the river forum. The Wind section is moderated by Jeremy Riggs. Brody Welte form PaddleFit and Dan Gavere will be helping to moderate the learn forum. I'll add guest moderators, but the idea is that when you ask a question, someone who knows, answers.


SUP Shops, SUP Companies, Links to SUP Sites, and Certified Instructors will all be coming online shorty.

Free Classifieds

Yes, for the average paddler, classifieds are now free. I've had good boards at good prices sell in minutes. Only a small percentage of the Mullet's traffic comes from North Carolina. A large percentage is California, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Oregon and Washington. There's even an approximate 15-20% international, so if you have a board to sell, list it. If you are a shop or a company, you can also list your used board, but there is a fee. Contact me for more information.


If your event is not on the calendar or the information is not corrrect, submit your information and I'll add or relace it. I had to manually re-enter all the calendar listings from the old mullet, and just launched teh site before everythign was up. I had to pull the trigger.

Thank you

I appreciate your support and hope the new mullet is easier to navigate, manage and discuss.

What do you think?

Let me know if you like it or dislike it, if things are broken, links that don't work, etc. You can't hurt my feeligns on this. I just want it to be the best it can be. I appreciate the feedback. Test it. Try to break it. Shoot me feedback here in teh comments area or at [email protected]


There are many features comign online in the next few weeks