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SUP Enduro: Paddlers will have a mass start in the Haxall Canal just below the vehicle access bridge on the west end of Brown’s Island. The canal is wide at the start but narrows down on the eastern end. Paddlers must complete three loops of the course. Spectators will have easy access to the whole course along a path next to the canal.

SUP Cross: single elimination, head to head Stand Up Paddle Board race down the James, heats of 4-5 competitors will battle it out to advance to the next round.  Top two survivors move on until only four are left to compete in the championship heat.  Spectators can enjoy the carnage – err competition – from the bridge to nowhere. The downriver race starts at the Brown’s Island rapid above the old VEPCO dam and drops through several significant holes in the VEPCO Levy rapids.

Haxall Canal and James River
James River
Short Description
SUP Enduro Flatwater and SUP Cross Whitewater