The Orange Bowl Standup Paddle race in Miami kicked off the 2013 race season where 2012 left off with the two most dominant elite paddlers paddling to victory. Danny Ching with 404 and Hippo Stick and Surftech/Quickblade’s Candice Appleby look like their off-season training paid off, dominating the elite field.  The event attracted 230 Registrants. The timing is perfect as it follows the final day of Surf Expo in Orlando.
Something interesting to note is the Heather/Savannah Baus Tandem Unlimited finish. They’ve been practicing. Also, Bailey Rosen is on the move. Watch out for her this year.
Top Overall Mens Elite Results:
1Danny Ching1:12:1612’6119-391
2Ryan Helm1:13:3812’6219-392
3Brannon Rose1:16:3612’6319-393
4Anthony Vela1:17:5612’6419-394
5Fernando Stalla1:17:5812’6519-395
6Nick Leason1:19:4012’6619-396
7Paolo Marconi1:20:1712’6719-397
8Thomas Maximus1:20:33Unlim140-491
9Brad Ward1:20:5614’119-391
10Jim Terrell1:21:2312’6840-491
Top Overall Womens Elite Results:
1Candice Appleby1:26:05F12’6119-391
2Krisztina Zur1:27:06F12’6219-392
3Savanah / Heather Baus1:27:24FUnlim119-391
4Bailey Rosen1:31:27F12’6318 & under1
5Helga Goebel1:37:07F12’6419-393

Full Results:

Dominance in 2012 spills over to 2013 in Miami