This week I’m sharing four websites that will help you live healthier, and I’m betting you’ll be adding these to your fave bookmarks. What’s your go-to site for healthy living? Share with me, please!
  1. Who’s it for? The Kitchn is a great basic resource for the blooming chef or even someone who just tinkers around the kitchen occasionally. You can find out everything from how to perfectly cook chicken thighs in the oven to why soymilk curdles when added to coffee. They have a great searchable database for recipes, reviews on tons of kitchen appliances and gadgets, along with tutorials.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVING this site! Elana has developed pretty much every recipe I’ve cooked in my kitchen for the past 2 weeks. Where has she been all my life? She offers tons of YUMMY and healthy gluten-free recipes (note for those of us who have eliminated gluten based on intolerance or celiac—just because the package says gluten-free does NOT mean its nutritious!) In addition to organizing her recipes by meal or type of use (snack, main ingredient etc), Elana has also categorized her recipes for various other eating requirements— egg fee, dairy free, nut free, paleo, etc. She provides lists of the flours, oils, and sweeteners she uses in recipes.  She’s totally turned me on to baking with almond meal and coconut flour. If I had to pick just one recipe to share from her site thus far, it would be Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread. Smeared with organic coconut oil, this is fabulous for pre-workout / race.

  3. I really love that creator Darya describes herself as a PhDork. I also love that she seems to be a “real” person who’s been on a long “dieting” journey at the end of which she discovered: “It turns out the healthiest people don’t diet. They eat real food, not processed diet foods. Macronutrient (i.e., carbs, fat and protein) ratios matter less than food quality and quantity.” AMEN SISTER! In addition to great recipes and insights on healthy living, Darya does a “Friday roundup” each week with links to latest health news stories.

  4. I love Matt Frazier’s site because it’s a great resource for learning how to use plants to fuel up for endurance training / sports. Matt practices a vegan lifestyle after he found that this eating style worked better for him than a more “paleo”-type way of eating. And he’s a crazy serious distance runner! I am not vegan or vegetarian. In fact, I’m probably incorporating more of the paleo principles into my way of eating because I’ve found that this style makes me feel better physically and mentally. HOWEVER, I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH—we are all different and what works for you probably doesn’t work optimally for your best friend and vice versa!  That’s why I like Matt’s site because it is totally non-judgmental and offers GREAT plant-based training tips that we could all incorporate into our own ways of eating to help us healthily fuel up for our fitness activities! To sample the type of training tips you’ll learn from Matt’s website, check out his 7 Secrets of Post-Workout Recovery. Great advice for vegans, Paleo’s, and everyone in between!

That’s it for this week! Happy browsing!

Four websites that will help you live healthier


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