Where do you SUP the most?
I SUP wherever I go (thanks to inflatables) but I SUP the most in Charleston. More specifically the Wando and Cooper Rivers, Shem Creek, and the Intercoastal.
What board do you paddle?
I have a 11ft Riviera for surf and the tidal pools at Sullivan’s Island, a 12’6″ MHL for longer paddles and a 14′ Joe Bark Dominator for race and race training. And of course my YOLO inflatable for my business trips.
What paddle do you use?
Have you change boards and paddles since you started to SUP?
Yes, I started with a SUP ATX that my wife bought me for Christmas 5 years ago. I still have it, my son uses it now but I changed because I enjoy racing and it was tough racing on that board. I used whatever paddle came with the board until I learned the difference a paddle can make. That’s when I moved on to Kialoa paddles.
Where would you most like to SUP?
I would like to SUP in Hawaii, it is the unofficial birthplace of SUP and I would love to learn how to downwind there.
Best piece of SUP advice you can give?
Race, don’t say you cant because you can, don’t worry about winning. Have fun and I think you will discover how much fun this aspect of SUP is and realize how awesome the community is.
The weirdest thing that happened while SUPing?
I went on a family paddle, my 8 year old daughter Emma, who has a great imagination, yelled over to me “dad there is a shark”. I quickly yelled over telling Emma that the water is too shallow and there aren’t any sharks in water that shallow. Paddled over to her to calm her down and sure enough there was a 3 ft shark swimming around her board. A few minutes later she yelled over again and found a mermaid as well. How could I not believe her after that 🙂
Favorite SUP Nutrition for Race Day
High Protein Bar right before the race
Long Distance Races will be a few more items to consume enough calories
Goals for 2014
Just had rotator cuff surgery so getting back is my biggest goal this year
Favorite Post Paddle Nosh
Favorite non paddle thing to do
Plan. The Chucktown Showdown 2014
Where you born and live now
Born in Brooklyn NY,  now live in Charleston SC
What do you do?
I am a Regional. Vice President for Guggenheim Investments
Who do you SUP with most often?
I seem to paddle by myself the most, mainly because I like to paddle early, really early. The person I paddle with most is Jeremy Whitted from Charleston.
What’s a piece of SUP equipment do you wish they would invent?
A piece of equipment at a marina were you can store your board and have it protected. For us that don’t live on water.
What’s your biggest SUP Challenge?
Getting faster
Product moment in a SUP Race?
Finishing the NY Sea Paddle in 2013
Tell us about the friends you made through SUP?
I feel like my only friends are through SUP. I have lost commonalities with My friends that didn’t pick it up for some reason. I don’t win races, nor will I ever, but I get so excited to go because of the people. I am in a downright depression now that I cant race for 4 or 5 months because of my shoulder surgery.
What’s your best SUP travel tip?
If it’s for a race get there the day before to paddle the course, if its vacation ask if anyone knows anyone that lives or owns a SUP place there. Its so much more fun to paddle with people who know the waterway.
My question would be?
Any tips on how to maintain speed in choppy water? Or headwind?
aka Joey aka SUP Joey


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