This is not actually my review of the V Drive paddle. It is my review of my friend Patty reviewing the V Drive paddle.

Patty gets 1 out of five paddles for the specificity of her review (not thorough). But she gets five out of five paddles for being funny. 

As far as I can tell, the V Drive gets five out of five paddles, but more to come!

Quickblade V Drive Specifications

Blade Length 17" 17.5"
Blade Width 7.5" 8.3"
Weight From 14 oz. From 16 oz.
Blade Area 91 sq. in 101 sq. in
Angle of Blade 10 degrees 10 degrees

The Review

"Hey Katie, I got a new paddle!" said Patty. 

"Awesome, what is it?"

"I think it's the new Quickblade paddle."

"You think?" 


"The Quickblade V-Drive?!?!?!? I got to touch one at Carolina PaddleBoard Co. It looks awesome."

"Yeah, that! I got one!" 

Fast forward three days and Patty, Sharna, and I are paddling together from Patty's house to the backside of Figure 8 Island and then plan to head up the ICW back to Patty's.

"How do you like your paddle, Patty?" I ask.

"I think I like it?"

"Can you tell a difference?"


Meanwhile we're proceeding to paddle upwind and upcurrent and Patty is pulling away. She is also, at this point, on her new Surftech BARK Candice Appleby board. 

"I think you're doing pretty well with that new board and paddle, Patty. As in, I can't keep up with you!"

"Ok, tell them that I am superfast with my new paddle."

"Can you give me ANYTHING ELSE?"

"It is really smooth in and out of the water!"


Who else has the V Drive? 

What do you think?

Learn more here:

More detailed review to come.