If you haven't made plans to attend the Carolina Cup, you're missing out on a heck of a lot! There are activities out the WAZOO! 
The attendees list is also a veritable who's who of pros and joes! 
Here are some of the pros scheduled to attend: 
Kai Lenny
Conner Baxter
Danny Ching
Lincoln Dews
Ryan Helm
Dave Kalama
Matt Becker
Slater Trout
Eric Terrien
Chase Kosterlitz
Jay Wild
Travis Grant
Larry Cain
Jimmy Terrell
Jack Bark
Colin McPhillips
Byron Kurt
Chuck Patterson
Brandon Rambo
Justin Cook
Matt Wise
Toby Cracknell
Ben Friberg
Annabel Anderson
Jenny Kalmbach
Morgan Hoesterey
Brandi Baksic
Helga Goebel
Bailey Rosen
Sonja Honscheid
Lina Augaitis
Fiona Wild
And you know you'll have plenty of time to rub elbows with them at the clinics, races, and social events! 
Why aren't I listing all of the Joes? BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU. No seriously. The races are going to sell out, so:
And get on over and
Short answer: Everyone!