We are hitting the RESET button for our 100/100 Paddle Challenge. We’re not quitting, because slow and steady wins the race; but we are taking it up a notch, we are going to hurt your PANCREAS (thank you Steve Dullack!) We are going to slam the RESET button and go all Olympic style for the next phase of our 100/100 Paddle Challenge on facebook. We start May 1st, 2014. Count 100 days from there, ends August 8th if my math is correct.

Our original goal was for 100 miles in 100 days with the purpose of just getting our a**es out the door during this crappy winter. A good majority of us were training for the Carolina Cup events, others just trying to survive the cold and ice. We created a community of training buddies that challenged and motivated. We found a voice with some good honest dialogue on gear, speed work, books, web articles, and all things paddling. We earned stickers! We took pictures of our stickers! I personally don’t want to see that end.

Each of us has our own personal paddling goals. For some of us, those are as simple as getting all of their pooches onto their board at the same time. For others it’s doing 100+ mile events, multi-day paddles, or stalking their competitors during epic races. A few want to learn new skills and training methods to become more competitive. Some want to do their first race, or learn how to take training concepts from other sports and apply them to paddling. I just know that as a group we are positively goal-oriented and we want to succeed.

With that, I think a common thread in the group is simplicity. Not that we can’t handle complex thoughts, but, we don’t want to waste time. We.Want.To.Paddle. We don’t want our brain cluttered with too much at any given time! So to keep the 100/100 going, the concept has to be appealing to extreme paddler and social paddler alike. Nothing too Mary Kay party or graph this/graph that. Just simple.

So….let’s keep our common core but take it up a notch and go all Olympic style, a twist or two thrown in. We’ll keep the same track and post your own progress style of 100/100 but let’s change it to 100 HOURS in 100 days. DO.IT.OLYMPIC. STYLE:

  • Bronze Medal, get your 100 HOURS done in 100 days
  • Silver Medal, get your 200 HOURS done in 100 days
  • Gold Medal, get your 300 HOURS done in 100 days


For me Hours is going to be much more difficult to achieve than Miles. MUCH.HARDER.

The twists:

  • Any time spent paddling or learning new water skills (think pivot turns, open ocean paddling, white water scary stuff) is time that can be included
  • Any time on a board, canoe, or an anything that floats; with family or new paddlers=COUNTS!

This is supposed to be fun, so adding some time to learn new skills or spending family time are definitely hour worthy. The summer is the time to learn new skills or bring new paddlers into the fold, not just plug away with the metronome of strokes. So be brave, try some new things. Be generous with your time.

Join the 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group. No worries, no fee, no hard sell, don’t have to be into racing, ALL.FUN.AND. you don’t get in trouble or get a spanking if you don’t make 100 of anything, it’s ALL good. Its camaraderie, its motivation, it’s a little bit of discipline, and it’s just us. I’ll work on some stickers or medals or bling. Let’s do this dudes and dudettes! Y’all in?

Let’s go Olympic Style!