THIS IN FROM Bart de Zwart
By the time you read this post,  I will be on my way on this French Polynesian Crossing. Starting in Tahiti paddling all the way to Bora Bora.
I will use a tracker, to follow my progress check this link 
Dagmar (my beautiful wife) also puts posts on the blog. I will be able to send small message via satellite to tell about the conditions.
Thanks everybody for all the nice messages. See you in a couple of days from Bora Bora.
Here is a peek at the new Starboard Expedition.
Many people ask if I anchor at night.  Well, since it is mostly 3000m (10.000ft) or more meters, no I don't. But if it is very windy and I drift a lot I use this sea anchor. It works as a parachute in the water.
Read more about the crossing on Bart's blog here:
French Polynesian Crossing