I met the KanuLock people at Surf Expo in January and looked forward to reviewing their locking straps. I have other locking straps but they are awfully rigid and difficult to use. So when I stopped by the booth and saw some locking straps with steel cables that were soft and pliable, I immediately wanted to try them.

I received an 8′ set around the end of April, and finally got them on a board when Bill and Julie came to try out the prone.

They work just like other locking straps I have, which is that you feed one end of the strap through the buckle/lock mechanism and then pull tight. You use a little key to lock the straps in place.

KanuLock Straps in Action

Straps pulled tight:

Inserting the strap through the buckle/lock to pull tight.

See the strap coming out the other side:

Pulling the straps tight:

Click here to learn how to use the straps >>


If you want to learn more about the straps, visit the website: http://www.kanulock.com/index.html

The site can tell you all about the steel cables and such.

Can you cut the straps?

The website says they can’t be cut with a blade. They can probably be cut with bolt cutters, but any locking straps can be cut with a big enough tool. These straps are meant to be used as a deterrent against all but the most equipped thieves. If somebody wants your board badly enough, they’ll find a way to take it.

But for putting your board up securely after a paddle and going to the grocery? Perfect!

These were MUCH easier to use than my other locking straps, and easier to coil up and store, too.

I recommend them!

******FTC Disclosure******

These straps were provided to Distressed Mullet for review purposes only. All views expressed are those of the author.

Flexible and easy to use.