SURFit USA is excited to lead a stand up paddleboard adventure to the remote and untamed segment of Kauai called the Na Pali coast from July 14th-19th, 2014.  There are four spots available on this amazing tour and SURFit is looking for experienced paddlers to join in.

This rugged coastline, extends 18 miles and  is unparalleled in its awe inspiring beauty.  It is truly a tropical paradise. Humpback whales, tropical birds, and dolphins are just a few treasures that might be spotted during the paddle.  While exploring on land, you may discover an ancient Hawaiian settlement or a lonely waterfall complete with its own pool.

The Na Pali Coast is known for its exotic beauty but it can also be dangerous.   SURFit guide, Aaron Pollard,  grew up in Hawaii and spent many months exploring the Na Pali Coast, including living in the valley for months at a time.  It is one of his most beloved places on Earth.

As a trained Hawaii lifeguard and certified WPA paddleboard instructor and coach, safety is the top priority.    All paddlers must have experience paddling on the ocean, be in good physical condition, be able to swim and be comfortable in and on the water.   Training in open water conditions prior to the adventure is encouraged.

This all inclusive trip includes the use of stand up paddleboard equipment, all food (specially prepared by a chef each day), an escort boat to carry equipment and supplies, transportation to and from the start and final launch site and guided paddles. Paddlers are expected to bring tents and camping equipment.  Waterproof cameras and snorkel equipment are highly encouraged.   To learn more about the trip, please visit the SURFit USA website:

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