Greetings Mullettes! (Yeah, ladies, I'm talking to you!) I asked Kim Reilly to write us an article about the new swimwear line she's repping because it looks awesome. Everything is fully custom–the fit, the shapes, the prints and colors, etc. She's going to do some articles about three different women-owned water wear companies, so stay tuned. Welcome, Kim!
As I begin my 4th year of teaching SUP and Sup Yoga up here on Cape Cod,  I am thrilled to have found a new line of versatile and stylish sportswear that I can wear in and out of the water and it is customized to my exact measurements and with my own choice of colors and styles!
It was at the Paddle Royal last December that I noticed the Nayad Logo on the website at registration.  Aqua Sportswear for Women!  I was intrigued.  I clicked on the link and was brought to their website  and was treated to a host of pictures of women doing all the things I love to do!  Paddling, Sup Yoga,  Yoga on the beach,  swimming, running (ok maybe I don't love the last one) and they were wearing gorgeous looking and obviously functional apparel.   They had capris, shorts, skirts, skorts and tops that covered the torso (fitness top)  as well as bikini tops which are actually a sports bra made from swimsuit material that offer a lot more support than other tops I have seen and tried, without the awkward underwires and padding.
While scrolling around the website I found the "Visualizer" tool which allowed me to customize the suit that I wanted (I went with the full torso coverage with V insert neckline for maximum coverage)  but they had a scoop neck, a  deep v-neck and a crossover v-neck as well as my choice for the back (racer back or X back)   For the bottom I went with the short, which is more comfortable for me while paddling and teaching than a bathing suit bottom.
I had a harder time choosing my colors!  There are 14 different prints which are always evolving,  and a couple dozen solids to chose from. The website also offers suggestions for solids that compliment each of the prints they offer which was a huge help.  You can even click on your skin tone on the visualizer to see what the colors will look like like against your skin.  Brilliant!
Once I finished designing my unique suit, I took out the tape measure and made the appropriate measurements that the site asks you for and plugged them into my order and sent it off.  I was actually surprised at how reasonably priced this apparel was.  Especially since each piece is hand made in St Thomas.  It is certainly on par with women's apparel lines that are mass produced in a factory overseas. And you are getting sportswear you can wear to the gym or the beach! 
Perhaps the biggest surprise came when I received my order within a week!  (they say 7-10 business days but mine arrived sooner).  I was immediately impressed when I saw and felt the material but when I put it on!  I was in love!  It was the most comfortable (and flattering if I do say so myself) top I had ever put on!  This sportswear is a nylon spandex hybrid material with 4 way stretch and it doesn't cling through the torso (which is key for me)
 Since it was still frigid on Cape Cod when I received my top,  I wore it to hot yoga and Crossfit first.  It offered more support than any other yoga top,  everything stayed put and it was quick drying and  ultra comfortable (no irritating tags or clasps).  When it finally warmed up enough to paddle and jump in the water I discovered just how incredibly quick the material dried.  And there's no fear of bumping into anyone wearing the exact same suit!
Now comes the full disclosure part!
Those who know me are aware that I have repped a couple of lines of Sup accessories and apparel in the past and I wanted to find out more about this awesome line of aqua sportswear.  I contacted the partners (Kate Fox and Jennie Green)  to find out how they are getting the word out about Nayad. Since everything is made to order it's not really a product that can be wholesaled to stores. So how do people find out about it?
 I pitched a few ideas to them based on my experience with other sales jobs that I had done in the past and they were immediately interested in having me join the team to work as director of east coast sales.  It was a perfect fit for me as I participate in a lot of events throughout the country,  I love wearing the line and I love sharing it with all my girlfriends,  whether they are active or not!  I even asked them if they would make me a dress (my most favorite thing to wear, especially after racing)  and they did!  The response was so favorable that they are going to launch it in the near future!
The way we promote Nayad is by direct ( word of mouth)  selling and by reaching out to like minded women who want to promote Nayad by getting their own personal promo code to offer to their affiliates and get referral fees. We also work with yoga studios and paddle businesses etc to offer trunk shows and Sup and other events to offer a Gift Certificate as a prize in exchange for website and Social Media presence and  by setting up at the events with samples etc (the race committee gets a code and referral fees from sales at their event that they can donate to charity or offset the cost of hosting the event)  It's a fantastic model I think!
Nayad is also partnering with the event that is closest to my heart;   the Cape Cod Bay Challenge.(  This is a 34 mile crossing of Cape Cod Bay and it is a fundraiser for Christopher's Haven which is an apartment complex next to Mass General Hospital where families stay during their child's cancer treatments.  When anyone orders from and uses the promo code CCBC at checkout, they will get a 10% discount on their purchase and Nayad will donate 10% to Christopher's Haven (
If you would like to partner with Nayad as an independent  rep,  or have us host a trunk show or fundraiser at your event or if you need help ordering from Please contact me at [email protected]m or call me at 508 737 8572.
Made to order for YOU!