We should start with the fact that they are so kind and generous. They give prizes to every race I go to. They put on a huge charity event every year: Standup for the Cure. They’ve supported the Mullet from the beginning. They took us around on their boat at Battle of the Paddle last year and they invite John to parties. My (pretend) boyfriend is a team rider. What’s not to love?

Let’s talk about this picture here:

That looks like fun. JASON WE NEED ONE OF THOSE!

Riviera has a nice blog that features their dealers, which I think is cool. Check out the blog here.

They have a full collection of boards from touring to high performance surf to yoga to racing.

Check out their boards >>

If you want to add some flair to your paddling, you’ll enjoy their Art Series Paddles:

And finally, if you’re a lucky duck, you’re in Lake Tahoe this weekend paddling the Race the Lake of the Sky.

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(Photo by Mike Muir)

The companies that bring you the Mullet. Please support them!