Above: Lena Augaitis from SIC kicked butt in Croatia.


I was so daggone excited to jump out of bed today (ok, limp) and go paddling that I plumb forgot to put a Mullet post up. It looks like y'all were out paddling, too, by the looks of your facebook feeds. So, I just decided to steal a bunch of your pictures to show just how awesome we all are and how much fun we're having. DANG. It's summer! HECK YEAH!

I went paddling with Patty and Sadie. Sadie kept walking up to the nose of the board and going SPLAT. Then she'd paddle over to me and I would splash at her so she wouldn't try to get on MY board with ME because that would not have gone very well.

The Lazy Dogs are in Lake Tahoe and they went for a hot air baloon ride. I knew y'all were full of hot air, but not enough to lift a balloon. (Har.)

Photo from Barbara Sage

Jason Geiger and his grom Dylan practiced for the Chattajack. They're doing it tandem!

April was doing this:

Photo from Roy Edland. I'm not sure what, exactly, she was doing in that picture but it looks pretty rad! It looks like the surf competition at the OBX Sup series yesterday. Gnarly!


The Mullet went to the East Coast Paddle Championships:

Photos from Jordan Kahn


Hot and Heavy SUP Cross action at the Riviera Race the Lake of the Sky in Lake Tahoe

Photo from Mike Muir

Ruth Holland practiced OC-6 with Special Olympics Pinellas County

Joel and Coli from Village of Stoke took their new tandem for a test drive!

Lisa Shell is teaching her new dog to SUP

What have you been up to?


What y’all have been up to!