When I said “Let’s go for a 1,000 mile paddle” what I really meant was “Lets sit on the couch and watch their spot tracker while THEY go on a 1,000 mile paddle.”

^^^ Me for the next two weeks.

What IS the Yukon 1000?

Here is what their website says:


Yukon 1000

start of 2009 Yukon 1000

Do you really want to do this?

Whitehorse to the Alaska Pipeline/Dalton Highway

1000 Miles / 1600 Km

7 to 12 days of 18 hours solid paddling

Monday July 21st, 2014

This race is the longest canoe and kayak race in the world, by far.

This is no ordinary race.  It is best described as an expedition race.  You need to be a strong paddler, and a strong-willed paddler.  You have to be a competent and experienced wilderness traveller.

The Yukon River is a big, fairly fast-moving river, but there is very little whitewater: there are 2 class 2 rapids, one of which you can completely avoid.  The other is harmless if run correctly.  But it is a big, exposed and wild river.  When the wind blows the river can get rough: waves can be over a metre high.  It can rain, cold heavy continuous rain, for days.  That is hard when you are in a hurry.  Everything gets wet: your clothes, your tent, your sleeping bag.  This race is not always fun.  If you are mentally and physically fit then you can do this race and the sense of achievement makes it all worthwhile.


Do you really want to do this? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I would NEVER want to do that! But Kim and Ben can do anything, so, yes! Of course they do!

They have been planning and preparing for months. They sent all of this stuff to Canada:

And Kim makes fun of ME because I pack heavy. Wait, this is for three weeks, not three DAYS.

You can watch the progress of all of the teams here: http://yukon1000.com/14y1k/results.php

Their team name is “Be Water My Friend”

Ben and Kim are going to be the first Stand Up Paddlers to go on this adventure. There are bears and mosquitoes and whitewater rapids. They are taking a gun. Ben posted this picture in their top secret weather reporting group:

They’re paddling the Starboard Astro Inflatable Tandem 16‘ and 14′ Touring boards. They have Werner Adjustable Whitewater Paddles. You can read about their gear list here:


Their blog, in general, is great and informative and full of true facts.

Our Blogs will be a Mixture of True Facts and Stick Figure Comics

I tried to call Kim this morning but it seems like they are already on the plane. If I were a good little helper I’d check their itinerary. Instead, I drew this comic:

In all seriousness, though, my job is to compile the weather report daily and be available to answer the satellite phone and give them helpful information. Here is what they need:

Predicted air temperature (low/high)  please convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for us.
Rain forecast
Wind forecast (Direction & Speed)
After the necessary information is dispensed, I’m going to try to get enough out of them about what their day has been like to post updates for you. Since there can be no pictures, there will be ridiculous comics and appropriate animated gifs stolen sourced from the internet for illustrations.
We’ll just see how it goes.

Hold them in your Minds and Hearts

This is a BFD trip. Yes, they want to do it themselve, but Kim’s one of my best buds and I’d like her to come back alive. Ben might kill me after he reads all of these blog posts. Probably.

Please keep them in your prayers, your thoughts, and your hearts. Send them good juju and watch them on the spot tracker. Also, if you want me to send them any well wishes, please email me [email protected] Also, if you are good at weather, feel free to check the weather stations along the Yukon River and send me a report 🙂

Paddle on!

Let’s go for a 1,000 mile paddle! With Comics!