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Top photo: Julie, Bill, and Sloan go for a prone/prone/SUP paddle


Erik Lumbert from Paddleboard New Smyrna Beach had an unusual visitor:

"Heard a weird scratching behind my door at the shop this morning…"

Jodi Caplan and Lauren Holliman go 1-2 for women's in the Blackburn Challenge around Cape Ann. They also smashed the record and became only the third and fourth women to finish the course within the time limit ever. 

Photo by Andrew Glidden

Joel and Coli from Village of Stoke and Troy from Monster & Sea went downwinding. Joel and Coli do this TANDEM. Let that sink in. 

Coli stays safely visible in her Distressed Mullet hat!


April Zilg and Kathy Summers  were at the East Coast SUP CUP to raise money for brain trauma.

Photo from Kathy Summers

Paddle Addict took a wedding party out for some hijinks. This is the Father of the Bride doing. . .something. Click to watch the video!

The BEST race board caddy on the east coast packing up after a long day at the Lazy Dog's Hemingway Days 3 Mile paddle race in Key West. We love you Brian! When are you going to do some "Brah the Science Nerd" videos for us? 

Awesome whitewater craziness at the Ultimate SUP Challenge in Canada. This is Mike Tavares' photo from Instagram:

Adam Pollock from the 100/100 Group had a big adventure! With a bunch of people! Don't know where but it sure looks fun!

Gorgeous picture from the Hobie Surf Shop of the San Clemente Ocean Fest before things got rolling:

Kim and Ben went 'sploring in the Yukon before their giant epic 1000 mile paddle!

Bluesmiths got some good news:

And y'all KNOW I love me some Bluesmiths!

Brooke Widmer sported some nice head gear at the Livin' Lush Cup in Nashville yesterday!

Black Dog Paddle had a "How to SUP With your Pup" Class! How cool!

Y’all have been busy!