Three women who rocked it, too, displaying impeccable sportsmanship, despite the conditions surrounding their event, left to right: Anna Blackburn, Milla Navarro, and Heather Frogge:

At the Cape Story Paddleboard Race in Virginia Beach, VA, a good time was had by all! Here are the Men’s winners:

And the results:

Men’s 14′:
1st Steve Dullack
2nd Kevin Baum
3rd Chip Boggs
1st 14′- Isa Cohen
1st 12’6″- Anne Gassett.


There was this race called the Molokai 2 Oahu over the weekend, and Mullet friend Don Alderman paddled it. Here’s a (blurry) picture of him making it to Oahu!

Jack Bark won the Men’s stock prone race. Folks, that’s a LONG way to paddle on a 12 foot board! Congrats Jack!

(Photo from Molokai2Oahu)

Here’s Mo Frietas after his finish

Bailey Rosen paddled it for the first time. Here she is getting ready to fly over to Molokai: (Nice shirt, Bailey!)


Pre-Race Pule’ (Picture from Surftech)


Here’s a cool photo of Riding Bumps coach Roch Frey.

(Photo from Molokai2Oahu)

Nice thoughts from Instagram. Love Dave Kalama’s tags, ha ha!

Look at the guys being all nice to each other:


Congrats Bluesmiths and Sonni!

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