The 100/100 paddle challenge started the ugly and uglier winter of 2013 when I needed motivation to get my a** on the water and get ready to race at the 2014 Carolina Cup. I needed gullible training partners who’d be willing to suck it up, do the hard stuff and tell me “good job.” Having a lack of real person paddle peeps, I set up a Facebook group, wrote a Distressed Mullet blog post and POOF, I had buds who were going to paddle 100 miles in 100 days with me.

WE DID THAT! BOOM! I had stickers made (thank you Coral Rockadilla Hines) and everyone who completed the challenge, got one. We posted photos of our sticker placement, paddling friends and pups, waterways, sunsets, boards, gear and got all Nicolle 10556394_10204591368088342_4912613124941168237_n
mathy posting our progress. We became 100/100 friends and family.

First Reset

boguesoundmay2We hit the 100/100 reset button in spring of 2014 and changed our goal to 100 hours in 100 days. The group membership grew; sharing questions and opinions on boards, gear, races, apparel, courses, pictures and training. There’s Average Joe and Jane paddlers and people who make their living racing or in the SUP industry. Paddler #200 was the accomplished Jeremy Whitted of South Carolina. Paddler #201 is, I think, a church lady who mistakes us for the 700 club. We’re all equal, we’re all winners, a peer, training group, and forum rolled into one. It’s warm, spirited, and supportive with no fees or fundraising requirements. We push and encourage you in exchange for the same. We applaud when you place in a race, do your first race, or get out for 30 minutes after work; we’re just stoked you’re paddling. Today there are over 250 members who SUP, prone, outrigger, surf ski or sup surf.
The 100/100 challenges are not physician designed or endorsed, they’re 110% voluntary. Complete the first challenge of 100 miles in 100 days, (no matter when you start your 100 day count) and I will send you a sticker! I just ask you post a photo of where you put your sticker. (We have a group challenge running all the time that resets every 100 days, but if you join midway, you can jump-start yourself with the 100 miles in 100 days challenge!)

Next Challenge: Double Header

The next 100/100 paddle challenge will be a Double Header starting August 15th. If my math is correct, 100 days would take us to November 23rd, right after the Surf 2 Sound race.

Every paddle will count as “2” paddles. This is a TWO-FER challenge. Double your pleasure and double your fun. The two-fer is so that you don’t hurt yourself and others by giving up your job, family, eating or car just to get the 100/100 done. You are responsible for your own math and how you track your progress. But please post to the group and please post pictures, we LOVE those!

Can you get more than one paddle in one day? Why, YES! Let’s say you go to a race and do the race. Then you get back on the water and help with the kids race. Then you demo a board. Well that sounds like THREE paddles to me, which would count as SIX paddles 🙂 We love our new math! Plus it will get you out and paddling with your friends more and helping at events.

Distressed Mullet Puts Swag in the 100/100 Baglisa

coreytaylor100100The 100/100 group would never have taken off without the Mullet. They’ve published 100/100 blogposts, promoted our group, applauded individual and team accomplishments, participated themselves in our challenges and listened to our opinions and feedback. They are a real deal website by and for the real deal Joe and Jane Paddler, and they want to do more for us.

They are going to put some swag in our bag! There will be random product raffles, maybe even a test group, and all sorts of cool things. The 100/100 doesn’t change; we just get stuff and benefit from being part of Distressed Mullet.

IMPORTANT: Product raffles will come from the pool of active posters and participants! If you want cool swag from Distressed Mullet partners, you gotta paddle and tell us about it 🙂

Details to come!

Everything will be fair, on the up and up and Just.For.Fun. It’s a good thing.

So, let’s get ready! 100/100 Paddle Challenge sponsored by Distressed Mullet starts August 15. Are you ready? I know I am!

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