Looking for a new board? You’re gonna want to take a look at Fanatic’s 2015 line!


Fanatic 2015 SUP Boards


2015 sees five brand new shapes being added to the ProWave line – the most extreme high performance Waveriding collection ever! The AllWave guarantees smooth Surfing. Coming in six sizes and available in LTD construction, three fresh new shapes, have been added to the range. The thinner board and lower volume is supported outstandingly by the shorter, wider compact outline for a responsive and effortless ride.


The perfect blend of Cruiser and Raceboard, the Ray has immense glide ensuring something for everyone. In 2015 we are enhancing its ease of movement through the water and giving it an all-round smoother appearance through softening the deck edge of the rail. A SUP that fuses stability with performance, the Ray will take you on your adventures effortlessly under paddle with a appealing brand new look too.


The Falcon and Falcon Flatwater make up our competitive Raceboard lines. The winning design of the Falcon has been enhanced for 2015. The Falcon is the board of choice for Race winning athletes, who have all been dominating the international competitions across the globe. The Falcon Flatwater sees us extend our Race collection with four additional models.


The quintessential range for kicking off a SUP passion, the Fly all-round shape comes in a broad range of sizes, accommodating every individual’s needs and expanding your watersports horizon. A highly successful range available in three technologies, these models have great turning abilities and guarantee top speed driven by the classic Pintail shape. True all-rounders, with high performance aspects that really matter.

Fanatic Kids BoardsKidsboards:

Kids learn quick – and they need a board that keeps them entertained, interested and challenged at the same time. Additional to the Ripper hardboard, we have also added two kids models to the Inflatable range so everybody can take pleasure in ease of use.

Inflatable Collection:

2015 sees some performance-enhancing and user-friendly changes being introduced into the supreme inflatable range. Premium boards are stiffer and thicker. The new and improved Bravo SUP3 Double Action pump has a crafty switch so you can choose between single or double stroke for a more efficient output. Also new are reworked anatomical backpacks. The Viper Air joins the Inflatable range and is without a doubt the most desirable inflatable WindSUP ever and means fun for the whole family, Windsurf enthusiasts as well as schools and clubs.


You’re only as fast as your weakest link – and with the new re-worked Fanatic paddle range, we can guarantee that link won’t be in your hands. Fanatic has taken the care and precision that go into building each Fanatic board and designed a paddle that’s strong and light, with the perfect amount of flex to deliver maximum power while allowing you to paddle in total comfort.

Surfboards Fanatic by McKee:

Legendary shaper Bruce McKee shapes a complete range of prone surf-shapes for Fanatic. His decades of shaping experience combined with Fanatic’s time-tested construction techniques leave them able to create some of the best Surfboards on the planet in new hot designs. For the days when you don’t need a paddle, grab a Fanatic Surfboard and hit the waves for a pure soul-session.

For more information visit their website! http://www.fanatic.com/sup