The Mullet trusts Suzie Cooney and if she likes RAWElements, so do we.

From Suzie:

I only represent the companies I believe in and when it comes to sunscreen, I choose RAWElements USA. The first non-GMO, organic sunscreen that offers you total protection and also environmental protection. I’m stoked to know that I’m not harming the fish, the reefs or the water. I love the TINT stick for my face and the creamy ECO30 lotion for my body. It will not sting your eyes. Love the stuff, Suzie Cooney

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  1. I used the stick for the first time, on my face, during last week’s Colonial SUP race in New Bern and it was awesome. I put it on before the race…and in the process of unloading my board and waiting for the start gun, things got super humid; sweat poured down my face, but the Raw Elements didn’t. No eye sting, great coverage and excellent protection. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and it even smelled a bit like chocolate!!! I’ll be trying the lotion.


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