It’s Labor Day Weekend! (Well, starting tomorrowish.) DANG ALMIGHTY how did that happen so fast? I got no summer *pouts* *Boo Hoo*. Next year I won’t break my ankle.

There are so many wonderful things you can do this weekend, including some fabulously fun races! Newport SUP CUP 2014 poster

Newport SUP Cup

They have an AMAZING sponsor lineup and organizer Jeoffrey Nathan of Coastal Urge says that “It’ll be like Christmas in July this year!” Tons of prizes. They have a great website with all of the info you need here:

So, get your boards out of the garage and head out to paddle and party in Newport Harbor.

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Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival

Coldstream, British Columbia



SUP Salmon Classic

Washougal, WA

Ditto on the pictures!

A Note about Labor Day Safety

I am the queen of ending up in ridiculous situations because of being dumb. In fact, some of my friends went out in the ocean this weekend (a questionable decision, but we’ll talk about that later) and it was so ridiculous and dangerous that one of our other friends asked, immediately upon their return “Was Katie involved?” Um, no. I was at Starbucks editing the pot book.

On holiday weekends it is ESPECIALLY important to practice good safety. It is the last gasp of summer and all of the vacationers and summer renters (wherever you live) are clutching their ice-cold 40’s and driving their boats like maniacs. I would venture to say if you’re on a prone board, don’t go out past 9am, starting Friday. Boats won’t even see you–before and after they slice you in two.

Go in groups, stay out of the main boat channels where you are, and wear a leash! It wouldn’t hurt to wear bright colors as well.

Four years ago this Sunday, John took my family and me out at 6:30 am. My husband never got on a paddleboard again and I was hooked for life.

Be careful, have fun, and post pics!