Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa Rica

You SUP. You like it. No – actually, you LOVE it.  Actually, you’ve become borderline evangelical about it.

You eat, sleep and breathe the stoke of the stroke.  Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa Rica

You plan your day, your week, your family, your friends and your social commitments around your paddling whether it’s training, surfing or competing.

Ok ok, you caught the bug. No, you caught it bad and you’re not the only one.

Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa RicaAll of a sudden your social media news feeds are a stream of your SUP heros, websites and magazines rather than CNN and what someone is about to eat for dinner. It inspires you with the imagery and stories of far flung destinations and of crystal clear waters and mind blowing sunsets.

Once the domain of the pro’s and SUP glitterati, SUP travel is upon us and it’s far easier than you think.

Yes, now you (yes, you…) can travel with ease to an exotic location and live like a pro, all with relative ease and next to ZERO logistics to organize (anyone who has traveled with their equipment should be cheering from the sidelines upon reading this).

Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa RicaWelcome to Vista Guapa Surf Camp. The home of Costa Rica’s multiple times over national surfing champion turned SUP crusader Alvaro Solano.

What Alvaro has created is unique.

Take the most consistent surf break in the world (we’re not joking when we say this), add warm water, beautiful zen-like surroundings and bure-like accommodation.

Combine with easy flights, transfers and best of all, high performance SUPs (from high performance surf boards to race boards, cruisers to yoga, it’s all here with something to match everyone’s level) and you’ve got close on SUP Heaven.

Picture this. Imagine waking to the soft dawn light and gazing out across the  fields of rice paddy from high on the hill and out to the ocean.

Imagine being guided to uncrowded surf breaks that are the perfect match for your level whether it’s double-over-ankle or double-over-head.

Imagine nourishing yourself post surf with wholesome home cooked breakfasts, freshly squeezed juices and an assortment of fresh local tropcial fruits. Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa Rica

Imagine drifting off into a mid day hammock siesta rocking blissfully in the gentle breeze on the deck of your mountain top cabana.

Stop dreaming, stop imagining.

While you still bask in the warmth of summer, open up your calendar and block out at least a week this winter (do I need to remind you of the ice storms of last winter???).

Now that you’ve made yourself available, go ahead and do the best thing you’re going to do for yourself this cold season and book yourself a week at Vista Guapa Surf Camp.

Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa RicaWhile making no promises, I can assure you the following:

  • You will come back recharged and refreshed
  • You will have had some of the best sleep you have had in years
  • You will have taken your SUP paddling and/or surfing to all new levels
  • You will be warmed from the inside, both from the hospitality, the weather and the warm water
  • You will have a tan that will radiate from the inside
  • You will wonder what magic Alvaro and his team of magicians bottled at Vista Guapa to make you feel this way
  • You will most likely re-book to come back the same week next year as soon as you re-land in the reality of sub zero ice storms and frozen waterways
  • It is highly likely that you will feel so compelled about your trip that you will make your SUP besties come with you next time
  • You will get more and more excited by the day until you depart Vista Guapa Surf Camp Costa Rica
  • You will look over and over your photos to remind you of the amazing memories of your Costa Rican SUPadventure

SUP Travel has landed and I’ve got plenty more places around the globe to entice you with so get out your passports, open up expedia and get excited, you’re about to start seeing the world in a very different way.