I got to sit down with Dave Chun at Kialoa Paddles and talk about adjustable paddles. Here are just some of the reasons why adjustable standup paddles are great option:

  • You are new to paddling and you do not know what length paddle is right for you
  • You switch between a bent-back, bent-over style to a more upright paddling style
  • Have multiple people in their family using the same paddles
  • Have kids who are growing
  • Have boards with different thicknesses
  • You travel
  • Like to use different length paddles for different paddle situations like surf, into the wind, race, river, downwind

For more information on Kialoa Recreational Adjustable Paddles, there are the recreational Pupu Keiki and the Bacon Adjustable Stand Up Paddles and for whitewater, the Hapa Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

For more information on Kialoa Paddles, go to: http://www.kialoa.com

Here is their profile on Distressed Mullet’s Company Directory: Kialoa Paddles

Buy at your local shop, but if you don’t have a local shop, here are some Buy Now options:

Kialoa Insanity Carbon Adjustable Stand up Paddle – Adjustable, Black/black
Kialoa Lau Lau Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle Black, 70in – 86in


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