A few of us got to test out the BIC World Series 12’6″ at the Outdoor Retailers outdoor demo day in Utah a few weeks ago. I loved the design. It immediately stood out on the water. No matter who was paddling it on the lake, you could spot them. This is Caroline from Atlanta giving it a go.

The thing has eyes on the front and look ferocious. It’s laid up carbon made in French factory custom one offs and is 25″ wide. I was really impressed with it. It was stable and fun to ride. It has more of the dolphin/submarine type noses and fit in to the bumps very easily. It just felt fast.

Chase Kosterlitz had his in Hood River, OR for the Gorge Paddle Challenge in the Columbia River Gorge. Chase’s version is 14 x 26.

From Chase:

“I am very happy with my 14′ World Series as my go-to board for racing this year. The board is very stable with a wide point that extends forward of the standing area. Stability equals speed in SUP racing so the wide nose and square tail are key for me. The noes entry is nice and soft allowing the board to work great in downwind and choppy conditions as well.”
When this trickles down to the production version, it’ll be interesting. Especially with their distribution and price points. Apparently there are only 2 in the US right now.