A stand up paddle trip through the deep jungle of Borneo using the latest survival equipment, such as COREBAN Bear Grylls inflatable SUP boards, QUICKBLADE Paddles, VIRUS sportswear and NTC sport Salomon hydration packs.


  1. I wonder if there is any difference between the inflatable paddle board I got from http://www.boatstogo.com/surfboards.asp and the one they are using here? I also wonder when the best time to head to Borneo is? Is the water always as high as it is in this video?

    I like the survival approach, I think paddle boarding provides a stance from which you could easily maneuver yourself away from danger. The inflatable SUP was a good choice, great flotation option when times get really tough. And, once you are on the beach, you can collapse it down and head for shelter (no matter how far off it might be). Instead of figuring out how to lug around a hard top paddle board or a kayak, the inflatable option is an easier way to travel.

    Although, I suppose no matter what you choose traveling in Borneo jungles are still a challenge.

  2. I don’t know who makes the saturn, but in general, buying a higher quality board from a manufacturer like Coreban or Starboard, Naish, Hobie, etc. means there is a higher quality, reliability and performance. I’ve seen so many inflatables come out from these random factories, and tried some of the off-brands that I’d confidently say the experience isn’t the same. the flex, and overall quality isn’t there and i suspect if something happened to the board, there would be no one to call to get support. The brands stand behind their boards because it’s their reputation on the line.


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