Lisa, The Inland Paddler, was ill this week and she put out a call for good videos to watch while she recuperates. The 100/100 group came to her rescue with lots of good suggestions. Then Julie suggested I copy and past everything into a blog post because I like nothing more than stealing everyone’s good ideas. So, need some new eye candy? Here’s what we’re watching:

Dottie B. Hodges:  There’s always Endless Summer…Blue Crush (for the combo surf plus chick flick element)

John M. Ahern: Chasing Mavericks

Julie Nicholls: Ahhhh I would download an old version of white fang. <<<HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU JULIE

Jason Geiger posted a link for The Surf Network: (I’d never heard of that!)

Lori Green-Hurley: I watched Deeper Shade of Blue on Netflix last eve. Also on NF Storm Surfers, Drift (Kelly Bros.), Splinters… All good! Oh and of course, Chris Aguilar’s Destination 3 (Degrees)

Brad Hardee: Cancer to Capricorn is a must.

Kathy Summers: Children of the Wind.

Jonathan: Ware Out of Place about Cleveland OH surf scene, H2indo about SUP in Indonesia, Pipeline Masters about the surfing of pipeline and how equipment and surfers have changed how it is surfed, Billabong Odyssey about big wave tow-in surfing.


After I posted on Facebook that I stole everyone’s ideas and made a blog post, Chris Aguilar sent me this entire spiel and so I should probably change the authorship on this to HIM. Chris you rock!

Single Fin Yellow

why I like this film: the sequence on Beau Young (feature din this
trailer) made me want to make films. Shot on authentic 16mm by Jason
Baffa, featuring amazing longboarding and a cool story line. Basically
if follows one board “Single Fin Yellow” from it’s creator around the
globe to six friends who all take turns riding it. But really, the
Beau Young sequence is one of the most beautiful pieces of surf film
making ever done. (for reference, pioneering surfer, Nat Young, is his

The Other Shore: The Diana Nyad Story

Just the trailer makes every hair on my skin stand up. This woman is
not only amazing and inspiring, but also really – nuts. I watched this
on the flight home from Molokai and it made me cry about five times.
This is a film all about heart and soul. And what it takes to follow
your dreams.

Riding Giants

I mean really, who has NOT seen this – it is like required for anyone
interested in surfing. Features people we know – Mickey Munoz, Sam
George, Dave Kalama, Laird, Gerry Lopez. I will never forget watching
this film and thinking “someday I will meet these guys”. Well, now all
of these years later – I have. It’s amazing.

Endless Summer

I mean ya, who has not heard of this one. The best surf movie ever
made. And interestingly shot by one camera – maybe two with no sound
back in the days where it had to be film. It’s an amazing feat this
ever got made.

When We Were Kings
The ultimate story of a comeback – Ali vs Foreman. As someone who grew
up loving boxing, this film really hit me hard. It’s a dramatic look
at the fight behind the fight. If this film does not inspire you to do
something great- nothing will..The trailer does not do it
justice…also was an academy award winner the year it was released

When We Left Earth: the NASA Missions
I am obsessed with NASA and there has been on series of films that
best captured the early space program then this series from Discovery
that you can find on Netflix. Amazingly, Discovery still has the
trailer on line…If I ever want to be inspired to do something great
– this series does it for me.

ESPN 30 for 30
Netflix became my best friend with the release of this series. This is
the best set of sports films ever made by the greatest directors on
our time. The Muhammand and Larry film is insane, along with
Charismatic, Silly Little Game (the story of fantasy sports), Marion
Jones: Press Pause, 9.79, Broke and really anything in the series is
worth a watch…they have added more since the trailer was created..

Full series trailer:

Oh and of course Destination 3 and Decade of Dominance…personally, I
think the training sequence in Decade of Dominance is the best edit I
have ever done.

Ok, back to actual work…


You can also check out our whole Mullet video tag. Some fun, some instructional, lots of viewing hours!

Oh, and feel better Lisa!


  1. I am feeling better, and thanks Katie, for writing this for me. I watched Destination 3 (Degrees) TWO times. It was AMAZING!!!! And I ended up subscribing to The Surf Network though I wish there was more SUP content.

    My go to when I am sick is Step into Liquid, by Dana Brown, son of the filmmaker who created the standard in the genre, The Endless Summer.

    But this list MUST include any of the DVD’s in British adventurer Justin Curgenven’s This is the Sea series. Primarily sea kayak focused, she is a fantastic storyteller. Her vignettes always inspire. My favorites are her circumnav of New Zealand and Haida Gwai,

  2. I followed this thread, and made notes and watch lists because I am having foot surgery on Thursday and am intent on not doing anything but take pain meds and watch shred flicks for two days. Thanks for all of the suggestions…my down time just got overbooked (in a good way) There is NO way I will be bored this week!