“For the SUP long-board enthusiast, there’s no doubt this is a massive leap forward.”

A variation of a theme from the 11’2”x30” Blend for those willing to look outside the box. Maintaining the excellent glide charcteristics of the blend, the unique outline shape greatly enhances turning performance on a wave, by creating a shorter boards curve within the longer board, without taking away from stability or glide – perhaps even better.

“Deep teardrop nose concave merging to a flat V”

Starboard Nut


  1. Maybe I am old school or am not looking outside the box. By watching the video I can understand d the concept behind the shape of the board. I idea starboard pod that I have had for about 3 years which is 7.4 and I am struggling to see if this concept of going to 9 foot and being able to get out of it what you would get out of a much shorter board. Would love to Try one out.

    Definately out side the box Barry