UB Super Bottle

Back in April, Scott from UB Super pressed a shaker bottle and some packets into my hand during Biathlon registration and said “Here try this.” And then there was Carolina Cup and Key West and a broken leg and the pot book and I sort of lost track of time. Until I started to think about getting my act together and living a live with some modicum of healthiness.


He dropped off a shaker bottle and two packets of vanilla and two packets of chocolate.

Here is What’s In Each Packet

Chocolate Vegan

UB Super Chocolate label


Vanilla Vegan

UB Super Vanilla Vegan Label


Read the labels here >>

Here is the description on the website about the vanilla:

Let’s face it – real life is hectic. Between work and family commitments, you are always on the go. With that fast paced lifestyle, it is easy to give in to the bad nutritional choices that surround us. Thankfully, it no longer has to be that way. Now the fastest meal of your day can also be the most nutritious healthy protein meal replacement diet shake.

Your body requires real, whole food nutrients in order to optimally perform and thrive at its best. That’s exactly what you will get with each serving of UB Super. We spent nearly four years researching the most nutritionally dense superfoods that nature has to offer. Our findings led us to formulate a synergistic nutritional blend for you to enjoy wherever life takes you.

From protein and antioxidants to vitamins, minerals and digestive support, UB Super covers all of the nutritional bases in one healthy protein meal replacement convenient shake. Each serving of UB Super’s synergistic formula provides your body with:

10 nutritious superfoods (11 for chocolate flavor)
15g plant-based protein (16g for chocolate flavor)
Complete amino acid profile
At least 100% daily intake 9 essential vitamins
Antioxidants & fulvic minerals
Prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes
The super premium ingredients found in UB Super are derived entirely from whole food sources – not synthesized in a lab. This provides you with the highest possible bioavailability. Our commitment to you is keeping it realTM in everything that we do.

non-gmo • gluten & soy free • no sugar added

My Review

You’re looking at someone who has rediscovered a love for potato chips over the past two months. But I have a deep appreciation for the healing powers of plants. Basically I wanted to try UB Super to introduce some more plant-based vitamins and such into my life without eating an entire bag of spinach in the blender every day.

Also I’m lazy, and aside from potato chips, I am not in the mood to chew.

At this point Scott (the owner) is probably reading this review and having a heart attack. But what you get on the Mullet is real, unbiased, unvarnished facts opinions.

I have consumed UB Super in three ways:

  • Chocolate Vegan mixed with water
  • Chocolate Vegan mixed with ice, a banana, and coconut milk
  • Vanilla Vegan mixed with ice and coconut milk

The first-chocolate with water-was my least favorite. In fact, I said to Scott, when he walked into Carolina PaddleBoard Co. one day while I was in there “Scott, I tried this, and I just don’t know.”

“How did you try it?”

“Chocolate with water?”

“Well that’s like mixing Nestle Quick with water and expecting a chocolate milkshake.”

Ok then!

“What you want to do is try it blended with ice and a banana. Maybe some almond milk.”

I got home from my PT/training workout with Dan and threw all that in the blender a couple of days ago. This time with a vanilla packet. VAST IMPROVEMENT.

I talked to Scott on the phone. “It takes a lot of tweaking to get the taste we have without using sugar. You could just drink muscle milk.”

OH HELL NO. I told him “The taste is not the only thing but it is a thing.” (My main issue is I don’t like the taste of stevia very much.)

Yesterday morning I elected to make my breakfast the vanilla vegan with a banana and coconut milk my breakfast. It was SUPERB. And I didn’t get hungry until lunch and I FELT GOOD!

Today, while I’m writing this, I’m drinking the vanilla with coconut milk, shaken with ice. It’s delicious.

The Verdict

I like the vanilla the best. When I buy some it will be the vanilla.

I have to face facts and the fact is that right now I suck at feeding myself a balanced diet. But I feel like, with UB Super, I can get some good stuff in me without a lot of trauma. Have I had a life changing experience yet? No. But there are plenty of people who have and you can read about them on the UB Super website here.

If you want to try to some, here’s a coupon code for 20% off: O5J2S3VZ3K19

I like it and I’m going to give it a whirl. If anything, at least I won’t feel so guilty all the time.

Thanks Scott!


FTC Disclosure: I was given this product for free to try. All opinions are my own! As is evidenced by the review if you read it!