Lift Sup

This just came across my desk from Matt at Sup Think Tank:

“New for 2015 SUP Think Tank is introducing colored handles.
In honor of veterans day our first samples include the colors of “Old Glory”…. red, white and blue (shown here).

lift sup handles

The colored handles will have the same crazy strength characteristics, 850lb tensile and 450lb shear, as our black and white handles.
All of our products are designed, tested and manufactured in the good ole US of A.
This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the material and production when building accessories!

The pit crew at Sup Think Tank and myself, a second generation veteran, are stoked to wave the flag!

Happy Veterans Day to all!


It’s pretty cool to learn more about this company, which manufactures everything in the United States, when so much of our industry has all manufacturing overseas.