Featured photo from Leslie Maclin

The 100/100 2Fer Challenge Comes to an End

250292_927029900643086_2264584184555816918_nOn November 22nd, 2014, the 2Fer Challenge comes to an end, the third in a series of 100 day paddle challenges for 2014. We did 100 miles, we did 100 hours and we wrap up with good old simple 100 paddles; each individual outing counting for two paddles. Yes, a 2FER every time we had water time; no matter how long, how far, how fast, what board, we just got out and got credit for two. Some of us raced, some of us didn’t. It was all good.

(Jessica Oberdier and kids pictures, right.)

We all counted somewhat differently. At the Chattajack 31 race, most of us counted the 200 yard sprint at the finish as a new paddle. It just seemed right that at the end of a 32 mile all day event, a sprint was a whole different animal. If you used our buddy Chandler Bold’s math, you started a new paddle count every time you were knocked off, fell off, or chose to dive off your board. We liked Chandler’s math!

Will you meet the 100 2fer paddles in 100 days? Some of us will, some of us won’t, and some of us lost count. I’m just closing in on it, I won’t miss the deadline. Being accountable to the 100/100 group is too important to me. It’s what keeps me from doing nothing but sitting on the couch and eating Fritos (isn’t that on a Bark video somewhere?) when it’s cold and boogley outside.



Above: I spy Miriam Sutton out for a paddle.

The Significant Value of the 100/100 Connection

One of the 100/100 group members, Cheryl Williams, a graduate student studying for her Masters of Distance Education and E-Learning used the group in her studies and wrote about us in http://ceresearch.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/examples-of-vibrant-online-communities-100100-paddling-challenge-and-back-of-the-pack-chattajack/ How cool is that! How cool is it that this group has grown, changed, focused, participated, identified, and stayed what it is; a vibrant online community.

There is absolutely a significant value in being part of a study group, a test group, a training group, and sometimes even a therapy group. We have a track record, a great attitude; and we have a skill-set, we paddle. Additionally, we are part of the Distressed Mullet family and we’re randomly chosen to receive products from Distressed Mullet partners for participating. We test them out, give our input, and proudly use and wear them. We are people who paddle. Doesn’t matter what or where. We just do. We like to display our 100/100 stickers and we like to learn new things and try new products. We’re easy.

10686978_901486319863241_5017591187665985660_nYear End Points Challenge – November 23rd to December 31st

(Josh Oberdier‎ pictured, right)

So…(get to the point Julie!)…. I’m not going to hit the official big deal reset of a 100/100 paddle challenge until January 1st 2015, BUT… I am going to put out a year end Points Challenge for everyone to recover, rehab, recharge, reflect, refocus, renew and report! This is the time of year when we should be recovering from some heavy training, rebuilding areas of weakness, rehabbing an injury with physical therapy, thinking about a bucket list of events or personal goals for next year, and reflecting on what we did in 2014 and how it’s going to affect us in 2015. This Points Challenge is not 100 days, but I do want you to strive for 100 Points. Remember, I’m not a doctor; this isn’t developed by a medical professional; I’m just encouraging you to strive for, not maim or kill for those points. Pick your passion or your poison. Choose what you love or what you “know” you should be doing, just do it. When we start the 2015 paddle challenge on January 1st, the goal is to start with a fresh brain and a fresh body. Whatever you do, track and post your points on the facebook group page (pictures please!) and let’s see if you can get to December 31st with 100 Points.

Point Values

• 5 points A paddle, any kind, water or land, includes surf sup sessions
• 5 points A walk, jog, run or hobble; 30 minutes minimum (fresh air preferably)
• 5 points A bike; mountain, road or spin class; 60 minutes minimum
• 5 points A swim; 30 minutes minimum (uggggh, chlorine city)
• 5 points A yoga session; 60 minutes minimum (I know I need to, it’s my poison)
• 5 points A strength training workout or session (wanna have guns?)
• 10 points A real life physical therapy session
• 5 points “Other” ? Explain when you post; 60 minutes minimum

So, there it is, don’t stop paddling, but go do some “out of the paddling box” activities. Venture into the world of what “other” people do. Me, I’ve started a group strength training class and consider the trx straps as chains of torture. I’ll try to get a picture just for the group’s amusement. I biked today in NW winds of 15 mph and 45 degree temps. I started running again (difficult.) Goal wise, next year I’m going to race more. Race starts still freak me out and I’m usually a mile behind before I realize the starting gun went off. I’m going to do the longer distance races just to get the experience. I’m going to prone more and practice knee paddling (EVIL!)



Debbie Klapperich‎ uses her SUP for vegetable storage. How many points should this count for?

So start Sunday November 23rd and end December 31, 2014. Track your points, post how you’re doing and motivate (or amuse) us with pictures. The purpose of this short and hopefully sweet points challenge is to help us be ready to enthusiastically charge into 2015 both mentally and physically. To be ready to PADDLE.

See you on the 100/100 facebook page!