If you’re learning to stand up paddleboard you’re going to need to learn some important jargon in order to talk with other paddlers. Here are the most important terms you memorize immediately.

SUP dawg: A dog on a paddleboard. That is the only acceptable use of this phrase. Otherwise:


Double over ankle: A wave that is approximately quarter-shin high.

PFD: Personal flotation device. Also known as a life jacket.


Sun’s out buns out: A weather condition that produces multiple female paddlers in packs wearing swimsuits with little to no cloth in their posterior region.


T-rex arms: A phenomenon often demonstrated by new paddlers characterized by arms bent at the elbow during the latter half of the paddle stroke. Not the most efficient stroke.

SUP AF: Stand Up Paddleboarding As F^^^. A term used by enthusiastic tumblr bloggers to describe their love of paddleboarding.#

Blown out: Crappy surf due to wind “blowing apart” the waves. Has nothing to do with the bathroom. Nothing.

Dawn patrol: Paddling when it is Dark AF outside

Photo by Rod Clayton


Laser Cat: When someone spots a dolphin and all of the other paddlers turn to look at it.


Race Face: The look of horror and exhaustion on a paddler’s face as he or she crosses the finish line of a particularly brutal race.

Below: April Zilg and Jessica Rando cross the finish line. Photo by Sara Westbrook

April Zilg and Jessica Rando

Hashtag Hashtag: What you say when you don’t know how to caption an Instagram post of something particularly ridiculous.

Booties: Neoprene paddle [email protected]

Beer: Recovery drink^

Businessmen: Sharks

Downwinder: Paddling with the wind at your back

Wrong Way Katie: A directionally challenged paddler. You can identify whether she’s part of your group if you overhear a conversation like this:

Katie. . .




*I made up many of these things

#Not really, but they do use _____ AF a lot for other things.


^I would actually recommend something like chocolate milk or Ultragen Recovery drink in orange creme flavor.


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