I was walking down the beach one day, looking for wholphins, when suddenly I spotted a rainbow against a dark sky. It wasn’t a wholphin, but it was just as pretty as a peach, so I decided to make a shirt to commemorate the experience.

These are crazy kitten soft Next Level tri-blend shirts in heather with a full splash of color Mullet logo from print.

Men, your shirts are cut in a manly manly way.

And women, yours are cut in a womanly womanly way.

I think most of you will sleep in them: Maybe not even take them off. But you should. Just for basic hygiene, we don’t suggest people wear our shirts without bathing or washing the shirts for more than a day. Maybe two days tops if you’re going to Baja to camp out and surf.

The best thing about it is you have a 89% better chance of seeing a wholphin when wearing the wholphin and rainbow inspired shirt than if you were wearing something else.

And every shirt you buy keeps the Mullet going. Every post. Every Calendar listing. Every Facebook update. They all come from the support of people like you who buy our gear and the companies who support the mullet. Thank you!