My first thought when I stepped on the board was comfort. I felt very comfortable. That could be because I paddled Matt Becker’s custom Bark after the 2012 Carolina Cup for a year. The D2 is a modified version of that board.

Who would like the D2?

First of all, weight is a factor. This board is built for someone 140-190lbs.

So far, I’ve taken the D2 out 3 times. The first of which was at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Utah. Lake day had it’s share of both milky glass waters, phantom wakes and storm chop. The D2 seemed like the perfect all around board. Matt Becker spent a ton of time in collaboration with Joe Bark and Surftech to make this the best it could be. I think all their hard work paid off.

I’m also comforted by the fact that this is a board that can win any race in the world. If you put any of the top pros on it, they can take just about any race. It’s all about the engine.

The other thing is the size. It seems much more sleek than the first Dominator, faster, with less resistance.

I’ve had to make decisions based on conditions in the past that involved sacrificing hull speed for stability. I used a wider board because if you an’t stand on it, it doesn’t matter how fast it it. I felt very stable on the D2—more stable than the Starboard Race and less stable than the new Lahui Kai 14′. But speed-wise, I’m still not sure where it’s at. It’s fast. I know that to be true.

I also think it’ll be fast in all conditions. I have to get it out on a rough day and in some surf, so I’ll check back in, but I think it’ll perform great. All of the Bark’s I’ve tried have done well.

It’s also a great touring board because it’s so comfortable to paddle. It’s stable enough to make just doing miles for fun, fun.

I love this board. It’s one of my favorites for 2014.

From Surftech: 

The Dominator has evolved. The sleeker D2 is narrower, with a lower volume nose and a very soft roll at the bottom front of the board. Built for the 140-190lb paddler, the D2 features a flatter deck area, which easily accommodates the in line paddle stance.


L: 14′

W: 26.4”

TH: 7”

V: 238.7L

Fins: Single

About Pro-Elite construction
Built for speed. The most competitive racers require the fastest, lightest boards and Pro-Elite technology offers and ultra-light construction that enables you to achieve your greatest potential.