[EDITOR’S NOTE: Julie is awesome and she’s ours. You can’t have her. We’re never letting her go.

Also, this is what she wrote in her email to me, but didn’t put in the blog post, but I think you should read it:

“Anya from Minnesota who is like a crossfit and winter FREAK but always has her daughter outside being active; April is always out front and has those long arms; Chris A. paddle proned his way into the 100/100 heart with his videos; John prones and sup’s and everyone is always cheering for him; Julie PC from freezing somewhere up north goes out in drysuits and battles all sorts of crazy conditions; Kelsa always paddles OC like a beast; Kim Hillhouse, well she’s just tough; Kristen is just a talented nice woman; Leah invited the paddle mop, Shelby Dela-Rosa is a pro, I think; then there’s the Stick Art Oh No Mr. Bill contest photo from this week…that one cracked me up with the responses (My arms fell off and they can’t catch up!) hahahahhaa. Then there’s Lisa with “the hair”… Then Rod Clayton who has evil ducks that annoy him.”

There’s only one Julie. We love you Julie!]

The “History” of 100/100 Stick Art by Julie

First off, that’s tongue in cheek, to say there is a “history” of 100/100 stick art. The history lies in what the 100/100 Paddle Challenge facebook group is. WE are a group of mulleteers who paddle, pros and everyday Bill’s and Betty’s. We’ve had four different challenges in the year 2014 and sometimes we accomplished them, sometimes we didn’t. What we always had was something to strive for and a group we considered ourselves accountable to in putting our best paddle forward. Those goals and this group have kept me fired up, energized and focused. Especially since I’m the “facilitator” of the group. Can’t talk the talk without walking the walk, right?

I believe in rewards and I believe in saying thank you. I bought 100/100 paddle challenge stickers to send to those that finished a challenge as a reward. The stickers were just a simple idea but they worked, you accomplished a challenge, you got a sticker and you got to show us where you put it (board, paddle, car, or?) When I sent out the stickers, it seemed right to say thank you, so I drew a smiley face with a “thank you”, or maybe a silly little drawing of who I think your facebook persona is when you’re paddling…and voila’…. You Did It Stick Art by Julie was born.

What Does Stick Art Say about You?

The 100/100 facebook group is just that, a “facebook group”, we live far and wide and may never get the opportunity to meet in person. But what we post in the group says a lot about who we are, what we love to do and what our goals are. We have Wisconsin Debbie, Minnesota Anya, New Jersey Mark, Florida Jeannine, Wrightsville Beach Katie, inland North Carolina Brad, California Kristin and Colorado Kelsa. We are all over. Not to take myself too seriously, but in these little drawings, I try to reflect the positive energy and paddling soul (sounds so serious) that came across in how and what you posted. I always see unicorn fish and rainbows and happy seals or bath kitty in what you guys radiate, or at least most of the time. I don’t always do stick art, but when I do, this is what happens: