Now that I have your attention. It’s official, Annabel Anderson has joined Lahui Kai.

Mullet: Cat’s out of the bag.

Annabel: To have the opportunity to join a group which shares the similarity of vision and values is a step worth taking. Collectively I have worked with members of the Lahui Kai and SUP ATX team in previous chapters. Joining them is a formula for enjoying the challenges of the journey as we move forward as a sport, a company and enthusiasts of a sport and recreation that keeps on giving.

Mullet: Beautiful Photo.
Annabel:  I am stoked you like the photo!  Yes, I can still wrestle sheep when necessary and pull my weight in the yards.
Mullet: Wrestle Sheep?

Photo by Camillia Rutherford

Mullet: Awesome

We love Annabel at the Mullet and wish her well in her new adventure with Lahui Kai.


Official Release:

Welcome to the Family, Annabel Anderson

The Winningest Woman in the World Joins the Lahui Kai Family


Austin, TX, December 25, 2014 – Annabel Anderson joins the Lahui Kai Paddle Boards.The current World #1 will continue to ride the world’s fastest boards in 2015.  Anderson’s addition promises to continue the precedence set by the boards that won the  Battle of the Brands last October at the Rainbow Sandal’s Battle of the Paddle.

The fastest woman, Anderson, is quick to give credit where credit is due and sees Lahui Kai’s Brian Szymanski as an undeniable asset in her three years of dominance.  “[Brian] Szymanski was well before his time… that is what they call innovation, the confidence to go against the grain,” she states.  Adding that although her fitness and training regimen are legendary, the edge was often under her feet, “… it was more down to board design and reading conditions than anything else.” Szymanski is responsible the winningest boards in the history of the sport.

Anderson joins an already successful family, consisting of Mick Di Betta, Brian Szymanski, John Becker, Kelly Margetts, Lincoln Dews, Jayden Jenson, Sondra Purser and Shane Scoggins.  Look for the game changing debut of the Annabel model 11’6 3xCarbon Tour next month at the Surf Expo trade-show in Orlando Florida – booth 1165/Lahui Kai.

Lahui Kai

Lahui Kai Paddleboards was founded in 2008 by legendary paddler, designer and coach, Mick Di Betta, and is responsible for putting more athletes in the top-10 at the annual Battle of the Paddle than any other brand in Stand Up Paddle Board racing. The 2014 addition of Brian Szymanski and John Becker formed an industry leading brain trust of shaping, training and design knowledge never before seen in the sport.  The stated goal of Lahui Kai is to make the high-end designs and constructions, traditionally reserved for the few, available to all at an affordable price.

Lahui Kai Website:


SUP ATX Is the #1 Stand Up Paddle Board Maker on Earth.  Founded in 2009, SUP ATX, llc. designs, develops and manufactures SUPs for oceans, lakes and rivers worldwide.  The SUP ATX, llc. line of SUPs have defined and revolutionized the global SUP industry, currently offering SUP ATX, Lahui Kai, Ranger and BYOB private label product at an affordable price.  Quality, customer service and value are SUP ATX’s principles in delivering the best SUPs in the marketplace.

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