All I wanna do is have a little fun, I have a feeling I’m not the only one, the party has just begun…..


The 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st. I want you to paddle 100 miles in 100 days WITH me. You, and you, and you, and you. It’s a back to basics, get your base built, full circle paddle challenge. It’s a “fat a**” event with no dues, no fees, no t-shirts or medals. It’s an event that’s not an event. Send a request to join the group, then track and post your miles any way you choose. Post and share pictures of your board, your paddle, your paddling pals and sights you see. Post stats of miles per hour, calories or distance. We will cheer you, we will envy you; you will be awesome. You will become a 100/100‘er friend and family. Distressed Mullet sponsors the group with awesome swag, randomly given away to those who are active posters. You become paddle fit, and get cool stuff. Not so bad. Did I say we start January 1st, 2015, are you ready?


You paddle where you paddle. You paddle in rivers, oceans, lakes and ponds. You paddle alone, you paddle with friends, you paddle with family or pups. We are people who paddle, plain and simple, doesn’t matter where we are.


Flat boards, displacement hulls, skinny racing kits, dragon boats, surf sup’s, prone paddlers, surfkis, OC’s, longboard skateboards, and sit-on-top rowers. You paddle what you paddle. Homemade, custom, inexpensive or pricey. No matter. It’s all good.


We’re paddlers looking for incentives to get on the water when some of us only have snow and ice. We’re looking for motivation to get our a**es out there no.matter.what. The 100/100 group is a way to hold ourselves accountable by encouraging, challenging, double-dog-daring; or thinking “oh crap, I’m falling behind”, “I’m such a wienie”, or “darn, I’m GOOD”. It seems so easy, paddle a 100 miles in 100 days….but IT’s WINTER! At least here it is.


We all just want to paddle. Some want to race, some don’t. Some are ultrarunners, triathletes, cyclists, marathon maniacs, martial artists and tight rope artists. Some are not. Repeat…we all just want to paddle. It’s our common denominator. We will not be paddling alone. When we go a social paddle or race, we have 100/100 buddies. We experience with each other. We drop it like it’s hot. Or not.

We are and we are not

We didn’t just fall off the paddling truck, we’ve done this before. It worked. We had 100/100 fun and we paddled into spring. We connected and felt energized. We did 4 different challenges in the past year. We went to Florida, California, Canada, Puerto Rico, Paris and Tennesee. We accomplished our first paddle, our first race or got past the surf line for the first time. We paddled short and we paddled long. We achieved. We learned and we laughed. We got cool swag at random times like Distressed Mullet t-shirts, hydroflasks, Sup pockets and more. We got a 15% discount on ANYTHING from Carolina Paddleboard Company in Wrightsville Beach. We asked questions of our fellow 100/100’ers on gear, boards, clothing, races and training. We supported and cheered each other. We.were.awesome.

This challenge is not physician endorsed or designed. It is for fun. It is your choice to participate or not. We don’t want anyone to put themselves in danger. Online, we don’t criticize or get snarky. We don’t use the 100/100 as a means of free advertising. We don’t use the group to note our political support of anything or anyone. There are other venues for that. It is a closed group, so each request to join is looked at. I am kind of like a gatekeeper and proud parent. It’s fun, but I take making sure the group is a PADDLE CHALLENGE group, kind of serious. Just saying. Distressed Mullet is like our mother ship.

We DO get some pretty awesome 100/100 stickers when we complete the challenge. You can put it on your board, your paddle, your car or your forehead. But it will denote you as being a 100/100 rockstar! We just ask to post a picture of where you put that cool sticker.


100 miles in 100 days. Starting January 1st, 2015. Ends April 10, 2015. Come on y’all, come play with us! We WANT YOU!
You in?

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Do you want to give random swag to the 100/100ers the way Hydroflask, Distressed Mullet and SUP Pocket did? email [email protected]

Here’s a gallery of some photos from the 100/100 ers. It’s like a big family.