We are lucky to have all kinds of fantastic people writing for and producing content for Distressed Mullet. In case you missed it (ICYMI >> let’s retire that acronym in 2015, yes?) here are some of the best of the guests (and regular columnists) from 2014.

The Joe Paddlers

A lot of you wrote to us last year and answered the “Joe Paddler” questions, letting us all get to know “Mullet Nation” better. If you haven’t read through these, take a minute and browse.

Joe Paddler Category Archive

Julie Nicholls, “And Another Thing”

Hand to God I don’t know how I would have survived last year without Julie’s enthusiasm and optimism. She’s a gift. She’s written lots of great articles, but one of my favorite ones includes pictures of all of the stick art she has drawn for people completing their first 100/100 challenge.

Stick Art By Julie

April Zilg, Vanilla Gorilla

April writes a lot of funny columns and she’s one of my favorite people to paddle with because she is so encouraging. “THE FUN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, KATIE” she says, early and often. If I’m having a hard time, she usually is able to talk me through it. I don’t think she does it on purpose. It’s just how she is.

I REALLY love this video she did about the 2014 Carolina Cup. It’s not something she wrote, but it is something she filmed, conceived, edited, etc.

“Yee Haw”

Mark Colino, Stand Strong

He excels in inspirational posts and I just loved this one. I still am not sure what my “why” for 2015 is and I need to figure it out.

“Know Your Why”

Lisa Schell, The Inland Paddler

She writes the “Inland Paddler,” and is so dedicated and disciplined. I wish I could be like her. She has written many great columns and stories, not the least of which is yesterday’s post, but this is a good one from her.

“Hope Floats But That’s About It”

Annabel Anderson

I’m so glad that Annabel has chosen to write for us. I always love her articles because even though she is the best of the best she is still a human and lets it show. I think her post about her time with Starboard and moving on was, well, moving. If you missed it:

“Seasons of Change”

Steve Dullack

I can see why Steve and John are friends. They are both uber geeks about technique and details and stats and such. Steve has contributed many valuable articles over the past year. Here’s one from his distance race nutrition series (and it has links to the other two):

“Distance Racing and Nutrition”

Harmony Dawn, Urban Ocean

Harmony is one of those people that gives me a reality check. From the outside, she is beautiful, but she is just as beautiful on the inside, and vulnerable. I love it when she has time to share that with us. I especially liked this article where Julie, who had never met Harmony, was giving Harmony paddling advice. *cackle*

“You Take Pictures; I Paddle”

Chris Aguilar

You know Chris mostly from his beautiful films, but he can write a good story, too. I loved this one.

“Rock to Rock”

Lexy Malone

One of my paddle musketeers, Lexy is often (and recently, unfortunately), the victim of our enthusiasm. This article where she talks about her near-death experience seemed to resonate with you this year, so I want to share it again.

“The Other Side of the Story”

Trish Miller

Trish is a Special Olympics coach in Key West, Florida and one of the Lazy Dogs. I love her beautiful article about what being involved in Special Olympics means to her.

“Being a Coach”

The Mullet

A good post to read at the start of a new year. If this doesn’t get you outside, I don’t know what will.

“9 Things to Think About This Weekend”

View from the Back

I tried to write something new for today but I couldn’t. I’m tired. I’m anxious. I have a hard time dealing with the amount of change that is happening around me daily right now. But I looked through the stuff I wrote in 2014 and I think this is one of my favorites and a good lesson for me to read today. If I make any sort of New Year’s resolution it is to paddle because it makes me feel good about myself. Nothing more, nothing less.

View from the Back: Still in the Back


Many thanks to our wonderful contributors. Even if you are not mentioned in this article, we appreciate you so much and wouldn’t be the Mullet without you.

Happy New Year!