[Editor’s note: Harmony Dawn took some time after the Paris Crossing to look around the Nautic Show in Paris, and sent us this report and photos.]

I’ve been to shows all over North America both industry ONLY and open to the public but Nautic Show in Paris is by far the biggest consumer show I’ve been to.
It opened on the night of December 5th for a invite only night and then publicly December 6th- 14th.

When you arrived one of the many big banners (outside the show)had a picture of SUP on it! (Can you tell? It was the best I could get. . . )

Paris Nautic Show

The SUP section was small in comparison to a Surf Expo or Outdoor Retailer, but all of the major players were there.

nautic-1 nautic-2

I started my tour with a SUP yoga warm up at the Starboard booth, before wandering over to Naish and then to say hello to my mermaid friend, Jodelle at Bic (she wasn’t actually there as you can tell but her poster was!) There was Hobbie and Fanatatic and a few small European companies that I had never heard of before. The SUP section was also grouped in with kite/windsurf/canoe/kayak and some gear and accessories for water sports.


Naturally this section was right by the demo pool which had opportunities to try everything from SUP to kiteboarding thanks to a cable set up above the pool.

nautic2 nautic3


Surrounding this small section of the show were all kinds of boats!
There were really big boats, like multi million Euro yachts, and sailboats with hydrofoils.natuic5
And small boats some with motors and some with sails and some with pedals!


Sailboats like this one where you could harness in and climb all the way to top before belaying down. I made it about half away up before a fear of flying thru the air and landing in a display took over . DG made it to the top and got to ring the bell!



Once you got down there was an opportunity to relax! There were also plenty of places to eat from small cafés to a full-on restaurant, a Bacardi tasting bar, and a candy station (my favorite!)

nautic9 nautic10

In the midst of all this was also a tourism section for all of these beautiful places in Europe for water sports lovers like myself. I’ve already started working on my next trip to Europe!

The coolest new thing I saw was the full face snorkel by Tribord.


This was all in the main building with SUP and the pool but there were 3 other huge buildings to explore as well! Thankfully they had floor maps so you knew where you were.


If you are ever in Paris in December go check out this show.