It all started one day when Julie posted her “Flat Paddler” picture on the 100/100 Facebook group. Not sure what drove her to do this but she is always doing something fantastic. Here’s the original “Flat Paddler”


We run contests from time to time on the 100/100 group. Most of the giveaways randomly selected from the most active paddlers and posters in the group. This time, because the Cold Stroke Classic is coming up, we elected to have people post pictures of their cold weather gear flat paddlers. Five random winners get Mullet t-shirts and one gets a lesson with April Zilg!

Today we got together to look at all of the flat paddlers, download them and randomly pick the winners. Here we are, checking them out on the computer.

photo (4)

It’s really cool to see what everyone wears/uses to paddle. There were SO MANY great flat paddlers. We had Darth paddler and a land paddler and John Ahern, who is a rehab paddler right now. Some  people went into great detail explaining their layers.

I wanted to be able to give EVERYONE something, but alas, we could not. There will be more giveaways for these awesome and dedicated paddlers, though. Stay tuned.

If you’d like to provide prizes to this group of over 400 dedicated, high energy, supportive Stand Up Paddlers, email [email protected]

Flat Paddler Winners

Please email me your address and shirt size! [email protected]

Lesson with April: Jenny Alderman

T-Shirts: Maggie Adams, Katie Rowe, Mark Sumner, Stefanie Schulz, Barbara Link

Special Surprise: Nia Nova

Meet the Flat Paddlers:

Barbara the face on your flat paddler is freakin’ me out a little bit!


Heather Brewer has nice boots! Brian Lee (Boardies and Kialoa Paddle) just got a new 404!



Jenny Alderman (Flat paddler by the fire): Patagonia capilene pants, under armour pants, under armour cold gear top, body glove sup jacket with hood, smart wool socks, rip curl 5mm booties, mountain hard wear gloves.

John Ahern has been on rehab duty lately, so he’s flat crutching.



Katie Rowe (green background): My fav winter paddle attire would be smartwool base layers and hat with xcel booties and outrigger gloves.

Lisa Schell has been land paddling while in Arizona taking care of her parents.

Maggie Adams (Boga paddler) got in the winter spirit!


Mark Sumner is geared all the way up. Never goes anywhere without his Gu’s!

I covet Rob Griffin’s Hippo Stick paddle because it has a hippo on it.

Nia Nova’s paddler comes to us all the way from Denmark! That looks like a hardcore dry suit! Chilly this time of year. . .


Sandy’s really flat paddler (with pink shirt): this reflects how I’m feeling after a 10 mile run followed by a 7-mile paddle on the cold stroke course.

Sarah’s awesome Darth Flat Paddler was the first to be posted and we’re sending her a special Hobie Hat because of it.

Sloan Freeman (Blue Season Five top): My flat paddler might prove that I’m not big on super cold weather endeavors…if it’s too cold for this setup, it’s too cold for me! . Season 5 pants and top, Xcel booties, Mountain Hardwear gloves and hat. Maybe winning a coaching session would inspire me to suit up for the arctic!

Sarah W never goes anywhere without her Hydroflask. (This is her non Darth-Supper)


Stefanie Schulz (No Snow): Okay some layers may be left out depending on temperature, but here is my Arizona winter SUP outfit:
Athleta Stride Long Sleeve base layer, Fila Sport Mars Running Hoodie, No Snow burnout long sleeve thermal top, HOTTOTTIES fleece performance leggings, Under Armour Cold Gear cap, Sport shades, LG Bluetooth headphones, Overboard waterproof butt pack, and finally my carbon Jimmy Stick Quickblade paddle. Oh and usually the better half of ‪#‎teamhotpocket‬, Rob Griffin


Ty Musser looks ready for some winter surfing!

Worth Lipfert was takin’ a snooze after his paddle.


Debbie K has been sick, so she’s been rocking out her Batman jammies. Feel better Deb!

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