100/100 paddle challenge 2015

2015 100/100 Paddle Challenge Sticker

Under the cloak of darkness, away from the prying eyes of ninjas and zombies, the 2015 covet-worthy 100/100 Paddle Challenge sticker has been under construction. White noise, sealed room, bunny outfits, a team of mulleteers has worked long and hard.

What is the 100/100 Paddle Challenge you say? You’ve never heard of it? You’re not a participant? Say it isn’t so!


100/100 paddle challenge stickerPart of the lure of the 100/100 Paddle Challenge is stickers! The 100/100 pride love stickers, stickers that are earned, not paid for, not given. We like to show our #100100 pride and what better way to do so than with an aptly applied sticker. Last year we had 2014 stickers on boards and paddles and cars and cats; spouses and houses and mouse’s and rats. (Ok, I’m getting carried away). No matter, we just like stickers.

This year’s sticker has been designed to be exceptionally bad-assery to include the Mullet logo. It just looks downright cool.

It has to be earned, and that means to complete a 2015 100/100 Paddle Challenge. Come join our 100/100 friends and family network. Earn that sticker!



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