[This is the brainchild of the 100/100 group and their fearless leader, Julie Nicholls, and so we’ve adopted it, Mullet-wide. Let’s make a difference!]

The 100/100 Paddle Challenge facebook group is into its second month of 100 miles in 100 days mission. We are a “tribe” of close to 450 members. Tribes build sideways. Most paddlers I know are involved in a zillion good causes. We care about others, the environment, dogs and cats; we just plain care and we’re involved in making our world better. Paddlers are like that. And we are just part of Mullet Nation.

DistressedMullet_100_100LogoFINAL (1)So….the 100/100 tribe is throwing out an idea for a Distressed Mullet “community charity challenge” day no matter where you’re located or what you paddle. It’s all good. Since weather is such a variable, Dottie Hodges had a good idea and we’ve decided we’re going to have a “week” of Share Your Love ending with February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Choose your charity of choice (I’m not going to give any suggestions so that you really choose YOUR charity of choice), grab some wherever you’re located paddle friends, pick a day, time and place to paddle. Have a nice social paddle resulting in a little bit of goodness (money, supplies, time, whatever you deem is needed). It can be a big organization or as simple as collecting supplies for your local animal shelter. Just do some good.

If you don’t want to participate, that’s absolutely AOK and no grief from us or anyone else if you don’t. But if you do, let us know what and where and with whom and how you had an impact. And have fun! Paddling is supposed to be fun.

Seth’s Blog read “If you care about something, you must not wait for someone in charge to organize everyone else who cares about it”…” Today, when it’s easier and faster to connect people who are waiting to be connected, inaction is the same thing as opposition.” ….”Ten by ten by ten is a thousand. Do it twice and you’re at a million.”

Let’s be a million and see what happens. You in?

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