This is from the Salt Lake City Tribune. I could not bring myself to excerpt the first line of the article, but check it out!

Stand-up paddleboarding is a sport that originated in Hawaii, but is becoming more and more popular in areas such as Utah, where calm lakes and hot summer climates make a perfect mix for the sport.

Of course, the problem with the sport in Utah is our winter climate makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the sport year-round.

Until recently, that is.

Trent Hickman, the founder of Park City Stand-Up Paddleboarding, a growing business that offers classes and rentals around Park City, is finding ways to continue his passion for the sport through winter classes at the Park City Aquatic Center.

He offers yoga and fitness classes on the boards at the center. The way he sees it, such courses are a perfect way for SUP junkies to work on their skills and get their fix, even if there is a raging storm outside.

“I say it all the time that stand-up paddleboarding will continue to grow because there is something for everyone from age 5 to 85,” he said. “There aren’t many waves or power boats to deal with, or wind. The adrenaline junkies can still get their fix, and the ones who like yoga can get their workouts. It fits every personality.”