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We are excited to announce our newest SUP paddle… the Prodigy, kids performance SUP paddle. As we travel the race circuit, and paddle out at the most popular surf breaks, kids paddling at high performance levels is growing and growing. Our new Prodigy, has a small sized grip gap and shape for youth paddlers limited grip. Our innovative blade shape paddles smaller than others. The slender shape is softer at the catch, so kids get a more gentle feel and higher cadence. At 85 it feels smaller to kids, without sacrificing blade size

* Paddle designed specifically for younger users…not just a small-sized adult paddle.

* Designed for kids from 7 to 13

* Performance features

-Buoyant form core 85 sq. in. blade

-Small Fit(tm) shaft and grip for optimal fit and comfort one size 60-67.5 “

-Nearly 8″ of adjustability to allow the paddle to grow with the user

-Two exciting colors. Red with yellow or Turquoise with purple

-Carbon grip and shaft

-Only 19 oz.

Werner kids paddle prodigyWerner kids paddle prodigy


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