The 100/100 Paddle Challenge Group has just passed the 30 day mark for our first 2015 challenge. Most of us have the winter woes. Paddling a mile a day for 100 days seems easy until you live someplace where there’s nothing but snow, ice, and high winds. Water temperatures in the “if you fall in you DIE!” range just aren’t attractive, much less fun.

So How Many Miles Have We Paddled?

gregMost 100/100’ers have paddled between 25 to 50 miles since the beginning of 2015; a few are in the 50-75 mile range because they’re racing the Carolina Cup Graveyard in April and want a good mileage base. There’s a few sitting at 0, 3, or 10 paddle miles because of injury. Some have to paddle between snow storms like Evelyn O’Doherty in NY. Others like Greg Hudson who is a no kidding “Ice Man Cometh” star has paddled his surf ski in conditions so brutal his rudder froze, but he’s reached 100 miles. The team of Mark and Mercedes Baird, Florida “snow birds”, paddle tandem anywhere, anytime with anything; no kidding, OC-2’s, tandem paddleboard, surf ski’s, it goes on and on. Having regularly paddled with alligators, they recently encountered a Bobcat along the shoreline. That was a first. They are working on achieving 100 miles on every water toy they have! Last by certainly not least, is Tommy Allen, who’s donned the winter paddle ninja outfit to get his 100 miles done way ahead of schedule.

With our new 2015 Paddle Challenge stickers having arrived, those reaching their 100 miles will soon be proudly displaying them on boards and paddles and cars. Good job paddlers!


100/100 Talk

The 100/100 group has been “talking” about a lot of cool stuff lately, like how to introduce your kids or grandkids to paddling? John Beausang, Mr. Mullet himself, is following up on that one. The 100/100 talks over and over and over again about training and injury prevention. We have a lot of experienced and novice paddlers alike. There’s something new to be learned every day from a post. Riding Bumps recently provided a couple of SUP and Prone Paddle Training books to raffle off to the group helping to address the common thread in how to increase our training in a SUP specific way without overuse injuries. Those books are going to be put to good use! Sarah Muir Westbrook wants to know how and if she can break the one hour mark for the Harbor Loop in Wrightsville Beach in the surf class. Absolutely is the consensus of the 100/100!

Clinics at the Carolina Cup and whether you must race to take a clinic have been discussed. Which clinic, which pro athlete, what technique, when, where, touring the race course, etc. All questions raised on the 100/100. It was a common stance that learning is NEVER a bad thing and no, you don’t have to race to take a clinic. The 100/100 is going to do a social paddle a day or two before the race. And volunteer at the event. We like to be involved.

Fun stuff is also part of the 100/100, yes, regular ole not too serious “fun stuff.” Distressed Mullet did a raffle from a thread on “flat paddlers.” That was truly interesting. There were flat paddlers napping, sitting by the fire, and on the computer. We currently have a thread on “Bridge Trolls.” A “Paddler Bridge Troll” that is. We all seem to love paddling under, by, around bridges. There is a mystique about them, not to mention the eddies and marine life that congregate.

The 100/100 is watching the movement of female pro athletes between board sponsors. How will this affect the athlete’s performance, why did they move, what are these new boards like that they’ll be riding. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in this anything but static sport.

What’s Next?

We’ll keep working on our 100 miles in 100 days paddle challenge, doing the best that we can with what we’ve got. We’ll keep training and getting fit and having fun. We’ll network and help when we can. We’ll pose questions or answer them. We got your back.

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