www.supearth.com – At Earth our mantra, Deep into Nature, is as much about the equipment we use as the places we go. The board and paddle are the tools we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that guide us in our daily lives should be applied to the equipment we build and use. EARTH is a new Paddleboard range of products which, wherever possible and feasible, aim to build and source our gear with construction techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used:

  • A focus on on bio-sourced, renewable and/or recycled materials
  • A production process that respects sustainable development, limiting waste by minimizing use of fossil fuels, painting & toxic resins.
  • A commitment to ongoing research and development to progressively increase the quantity of bio-sourced, sustainable materials and the reduction of waste in the production process.

Unfortunately it is simply not possible today to build a board with zero impact on the environment. For example, at the core of every EARTH board is an EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) core, as no other feasible alternative exists. However, with EARTH we’ve made the pledge to be better, and to continually develop the range of products so that wherever possible, we will make changes that make a difference.

The current EARTH range features the following materials: Flax fiber, Paulownia wood and Cork. Minimal fiberglass and no varnish or paint are used to buid the Earth boards.

Founded in 1979 by the Bich family, of BIC Pen fame, BIC Sport grew from the family’s passion for watersports and expertise in manufacturing. With the family’s dedication to human powered watersports came a desire to implement sustainable manufacturing processes in order to preserve the environment in which these products are used. These efforts include minimizing energy use wherever possible, zero gas emissions or pollutants from our factory and recycling of manufacturing by-products wherever possible. We have received numerous awards over the years for our efforts to implement a systemwide sustainable manufacturing process.

While we are proud of these accomplishments in process, we also recognize that similar investigations need to be made
on the materials with which some boards are made in order to further reduce our impact on the environment. The result
is a new range of products: EARTH – Deep into Nature. Featuring bio-sourced, renewable and/or recyclable materials,
EARTH – Deep into Nature is our commitment to stay true to our ethos and continually strive to do better.
Production of EARTH – Deep into Nature products feature the following materials, replacing materials traditionally used
while retaining or enhancing technical qualities:

  • Flax Fiber Sheets – rail reinforcement/strength (replaces Fiberglass sheets)
    Paulownia Wood – the primary material used in the boards sandwich construction (replaces PVC foam)
    Cork – non-slip deck pad material (replaces EVA foam)

But let’s be clear: The materials and processes used to build EARTH boards are not fully sustainable. We still use polystyrene as the foam core material, which is the industry standard and may well be fully recyclable, but it is not perfect. We also continue to use epoxy resins because our efforts to test and source bio-resins has yet to achieve the quality and performance characteristics that would allow us to use them. Our team continually monitors the progress made with these and other biosourced materials so that we can incorporate them into our manufacturing process as soon as feasible. The search for a more sustainably sourced and produced range of watersports products is a journey, not a destination. We are fully committed to the path and hope you’ll join us.