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We asked the 100/100ers to post pictures of their favorite race t-shirts and tell us why they love them.

I’m not going to lie–if a race has a cool shirt design, it might sway me to go to said race. From across the country.

That’s not hyperbole. That’s TRUE FACT right there.

My husband’s reaction to this: “Don’t you have plenty of t-shirts?”



But ONLY if it is

-Soft and comfy

-Has a nice graphic design

-Or is really useful–i.e. neon yellow for safety or something.

Other attributes of good paddle race t-shirts:

-Women’s sizes. PLEASE AND THANK YOU. If you want women to wear your shirts, and women control a lot of spending in their households and they make up a sizable number of the attendees at your events, have women’s shirts!

-Most prefer nice t-shirts over athletic shirts unless there is a spectacular stand out attribute of the athletic shirt. Like, if it is a really nice brand (Patagonia, sweet), or something utilitarian (color for safety)

-Nice, soft, quality blends. It’s not enough to buy a Hanes Beefy-T anymore.

-Again with the design. If you’re going to bother to get t-shirts made, get a nice design created. There are artists who can do this for $200. If your shirt has a nice design, people will wear it and the design money will be worth it. If your shirt has a crappy design, it won’t be worn, which will be a waste.

A lot of people are attached to their shirts for sentimental reasons and wear them over and over again. I know that I can go a whole week wearing nothing but race t-shirts. Make sure yours is one of the faves, and make them a priority, not an afterthought.

Did you win a t-shirt? If your name is: Gail Kotowski, Bryan Barton, Pete Dixon, Paul Henry, or Janet Gavaldon, you won! Email [email protected] with your address.

Favorite Paddle Race Shirts


    • Optional might not be the right term. You need to order or not order shirts in advance, so it’s too late when they get there. If you decide in planning that you will cut costs by not getting shirts, that works, but people still need something they take home that says the did something, accomplished something. A medal works. Otherwise, it becomes just a paddle.